One thought on “Scholarships fund started for Willits High student of color graduating seniors

  1. What is the precise definition of “student of color” to apply for this scholarship?

    If a student has parents of different races or ethnicity, i.e. one parent is white and the other is not, does the student qualify? Is one grandparent of color sufficient? How about one 1,024th like Elizabeth Warren? Or maybe “one drop of blood” from an ancestor “of color” like in the Ku Klux Klan’s South? How about a student who self-identifies as “of color”? Are all white students automatically disqualified because of the white “color” of their skin?

    To require that a student be “of color” in order to qualify for this scholarship is itself racist.

    In America we do not judge people — or award scholarships — based on the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Right?

    For the Willits School District to participate in presentation of a scholarship based on race or color would be a violation of the 14th Amendment and the Civil Rights Law of 1966. The School District’s attorney should advise the Willits School Board to have no participation in awarding any scholarship award based on race or skin color.

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