Letter from the Superintendent: Recognizing Our Own Bias


5 thoughts on “Letter from the Superintendent: Recognizing Our Own Bias

    • “Valuable” in what way?

      Looks like race-baiting propaganda. And an apology for insurrection.

  1. By demanding respect for everyone “regardless of race, ethnicity or economic status,” it looks like we’re back to “all lives matter.” Good, because all lives DO matter including those killed in the womb.

    • The extreme left agitators tell us we are “racists” if we see color. Then, when we follow King’s “content of character” principle, we are “racist” if we DON’T see color. “You’re blind to the ‘experiences’ of ‘people of color’.”

      Many of us are DONE with this crap. You get a color blind society, or you get war.

  2. This spew is an example of why America’s children will be LESS ignorant after publik skools lose massive amounts of funding due to the leftist self-inflicted wound from Flatten the Economy. Hopefully we’ll be seeing the closure of thousands of “schools” and defunding for so many of the propaganda projects re-“educators” flush public monies on. Publik skools ARE “institutional racism” – against Whites and, sometimes, Asians, as well. Take the money away.

    So-called “education” in America does not teach how to think, but WHAT to think.

    King’s “content of character” has been replaced with race is paramount.

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