3 thoughts on “Supervisor Haschak’s letter to constituents: May 2020

  1. Google: “Controversial health district leader Dr. Joe Iser sets Jan. 3 retirement date”

    Haschak’s praise is heaped on this new Mendocino County hire in the other media outlet.

  2. I had severe symptoms clear back in February. I was repeatedly sent home from the ER. As it stands now I still can’t be tested.
    I fear there are many more cases of COVID-19 in Mendocino County and other rural counties but they aren’t being counted because of the lack of testing.
    I have sent many many emails to the Governor but I assume mine, along with everyone else’s, are being shoved aside.


    Patricia M Doherty
    [email protected]

  3. Lift the mandatory mask, shelter the elderly, and allow us to get back to work before there is nothing left to back to, not even a house. You are part of the problem locking our community down, and I hope that once it’s voting time, we will all remember what you did to our little economy here…you KILLED IT.

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