7 thoughts on “As reopening proceeds COVID case count accelerates; one more case brings total to 23

  1. What do we know about Mendocino County preparedness with regard to the 3 Ts: Treatment, testing and tracing?

    Do we have the needed medical supplies for our health care professionals? ? Masks?Ventilators? PPE?

    Do we have enough tests and a testing program?

    Do we have enough trained personnel for thorough contact tracing?

    Richard Louis Miller, M.A., Ph.D.
    Clinical Psychology
    Wikipedia: Dr Richard Louis Miller
    Wikipedia: Wilbur Hot Springs

    • I just got tested about 1/2 hour ago (Tuesday, 5/26) at the Redwood fairgrounds in Ukiah . Nobody was there except for staff. It was free. You had to register on-line but it only took about 5 minutes to check in and get swabbed. Here’s the link I used. https://lhi.care/covidtesting

    • Most importantly, everyone should ask these questions:

      1) Why should I consent to a test for COVID-19? What benefit is there?

      2) Why should I cooperate with “Contact Tracing” (what I call Comrade Tracing), since the potential repercussions are severe, and not only for oneself?

      The COVID-19 testing has been a clown show from the start, and not because the Clown-in-Chief and his entourage promised much and delivered little. Woefully unacceptable levels of false positives. Ridiculous false positives on non-human test subjects. Taking a test and getting a positive result, factual or not, then requires one to be under House Arrest of an even harsher nature than the so-called “shelter-in-place.” Most folks have already had major hits to their mental and economic health; even more pain with little or no support? No thanks.

      The Comrade Tracing scheme is nothing but the East German Stasi model, repurposed for alleged public health reasons. An army of “health police” are being raised right now, to track down folks without the usual protections accorded to actual criminals. Cooperate? LOL, sure. I’m advising everyone to NOT cooperate with Comrade Tracing. If you receive a call, hang up. If they knock on your door, ignore it. NEVER let them in your home, or else good luck getting rid of them (at least without having you be manhandled away). If you are caught off-guard, and confronted, say nothing, you “don’t recall,” just don’t provide information that can hurt your family, friends, and neighbors when the “we’re willing to take your freedom to ‘protect you'” control freaks come for you.

      (oh, and fanatics, please spare me the idiot talk about our “obligation” to “cooperate,” allegedly “legally” or morally, to “stop the virus” – Comrade Tracing isn’t about stopping the virus, but expanding surveillance and control, getting you used to China-style 24/7/365 Social Credit scores founded on “Total Information Awareness.” Government has lied so incessantly, so boldly, that I assume everything it says is a lie until proven otherwise. You should, too.)

  2. I should add:

    One of the most important things you can do RIGHT NOW to protect yourself from the Stasi Comrade Tracers is to buy and use a Faraday bag or pouch. Every time you leave home or work, put your mobile device inside the Faraday bag. It will block signals, both inbound and outbound, preventing “authorities” from monitoring your travels in real time or after the fact.

    Please understand the “authorities” have already been monitoring mobile phone data prior to the announcement by Apple & Google of their “contact tracing” API and apps. Further, you do NOT have to download an app for them to be able to track you. It’s up to you to be proactive, NOW.

    Two companies offering top-quality materials include EDEC from Santa Barbara and Silent Pocket out of Aptos.

    edecdf dot com or silent dash pocket dot com

    There are Faraday pouches and bags on amazon and eBay, as well, of various quality. Some might work, but I suggest “the best.” I have ZERO connection to the above companies.

  3. I think your headline is misleading. One case is not an acceleration. It’s one more case. Your choice of words leads to more panic and fear. Choose wisely. Words like “ticks up” or “slowly rises” It might also be prudent to mention in the headlines “Zero in ICU” or “No deaths”

    • Agreed, Sherry, but another misleading trend is news bites fostering the notion that COVID-19 is a late starter in this county (compared to other parts of the country). They are coming up with their “acceleration” statistics based on the first known positive cases, but there is evidence that it was here at least a month before then. I have talked to people who suspect that they or someone they know had a very mild case of COVID-19. Looking back on a two day sinus problem accompanied by a shallow cough I experienced at the beginning of February makes me wonder if I wasn’t infected and displaying marginal symptoms. At the time I assumed it was an allergic reaction to something, but it was an isolated incident and not related to any likely allergen exposure I could identify.

      Something else that needs to be considered is the notorious inaccuracy of the tests. Dr. Kary B. Mullis, the inventor of the Polymerase Chain Reaction, stated that the process was never to be used for diagnosing disease, but RT-PCR is the test they are using to diagnose active infections. The other test commonly being used detects antibodies. Most of us would perhaps test positive for the presence of coronavirus antibodies, because hundreds of strains have been circulating among humans and animals for very long time. For the vast majority of the population, exposure to the “novel” coronavirus would be desirable, resulting in antibodies to COVID-19 with zero or very mild symptoms. It would also result in better care for the sick and at-risk, because valuable resources would not be wasted on an entire population being quarantined and being kept under surveillance every time we scurried out of hiding to make sure we were wearing useless and unhealthy face coverings and avoiding any and all human contact. This doesn’t even take into consideration the utter devastation being visited upon our economy, our livelihoods, our mental health, our relationships with others, our freedom to manage our own health, our children’s and grandchildren’s futures, and so forth. It is no light matter to say that we are experiencing an advancing global holocaust.

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