19 thoughts on “Nurse at Fort Bragg hospital tests positive for COVID-19; COVID may be “underground” in Covelo

  1. On an optimistic note, hopefully everyone has been mindfully practicing the guidance to always wear a mask, wash their hands, avoid touching their face and staying at least 6′ away from each other as they went about their day. I know in the hospital setting the 6′ distance would be impossible at times, but following these measures at least may help to avoid passing the virus on to others.

    A solid reminder as to why we need to take these precautions, even though they can feel awkward and controlling, there is a valid reason. It’s all we have at the moment.

    • Thanks for the reminder. It’s so important to do what we can personally when we’re actually not out of the weeds and, at least on the coast, some inns seem to be opening even though it’s not permitted because of lax enforcement and their own judgement for themselves that it’s the right thing to do. It just makes everyone that much more vulnerable. Law enforcement isn’t going to help us. The tourist industry will skirt the law. We’re on our own.

    • That “reason” is a matter of faith which many of us don’t share. These rule by decree measures are not merely inconvenience (hardly!), and not merely a nauseating assault on inalienable rights (bad enough), but Flatten the Economy is having catastrophic effects for millions of our fellow Americans, which will endure for quite some time. $1200 checks and even $600/week extra for unemployment for some will run out long before the damage to real human beings ends.

      The “projections” upon which this so-called “health policy” is being made are equivalent of astrology. They are FAITH-BASED, not science. They will continue to be – and should be – resisted, with unequivocal moral authority. An interesting “projection” I read recently is that an equal or even greater number of Americans will end their lives, or die from the effects of despair, than do allegedly from COVID-19. I say allegedly since there is no question at least some “COVID-19” categorized fatalities are false; the treating facility gets 5-figures of cash from the Feds for the preferred diagnosis. If one is into “scientific (sic) projections,” one must give equal weight to that one, as well. You save some, and kill others. Don’t pretend you are “saving lives” like certain lying politicians claim.

  2. These traveler nurses make an incredible contribution to our community, we couldn’t do it without them. Stay vigilant and let’s keep our Coast caring going too.

    • I certainly hope no hysterical loons persecute her for “bringing the plague here.” Considering what we’ve seen across the country and world, based on the media-programmed hysteria, it’s a possibility.

      Indeed, traveling nurses are great people who live a life not always comfortable to help strangers out. They get a welcome from me regardless of the mass hysteria of deluded souls.

  3. This case illustrates why I’m concerned about reopening the coast to travelers (tourists, visitors) too early. This patient happens to be a nurse, but that may be just a coincidence.

    • Time to accept reality: YOU WILL BE EXPOSED, either soon or in the near future. You may even catch it.

      We were told we needed to do the House Arrests to “flatten the curve” – that is, protect the health care system from a tsunami. That threat has passed, if it even existed in the first place. I see that 1.4 million health care workers have been laid off nationwide. Unconscionable! How many sick folks have avoided treatment, making their health even worse, or even causing their death, solely because of the hysteria? “We saved you from the virus; sorry about those tens of thousands who didn’t get treatment for normal problems.”

      Unfortunately, the hysteria continues, with Flatten the Curve morphed into Flatten the Economy “until a vaccine.” Considering Fauci’s latest spew about keeping schools closed in the Fall, it seems Flatline the Economy is the next goal post movement.

  4. How very sad y’all are living in hysterical fear, operating in a synthetic reality created for you by self-serving “experts,” and programmed into you by television and the media.

    You still don’t get it: this is NOT Ebola, this is NOT the Black Plague without antibiotics. For nearly everyone who catches it, it’s a severe cold. The “fatality” numbers are FAKE; “normal” deaths from cardiac and respiratory conditions in past years are all now “COVID-19” deaths. There IS NO mass “excess deaths” this year. Apart from that, we have nearly 100,000 people in this county, and in two months, THIRTEEN cases? It’s clearly an apocalypse!

    Unfortunately, unimaginable damage has been done to our county, to California, to our country, to the world with the insane Flatten the Economy lockdowns. In fact, considering astrolger-level false prophet Fauci’s latest prognostications today, it appears the “experts” are not satisfied with Flatten the Economy; they demand FLATLINE the Economy. No, it’s not about “money.” It’s about tens of millions of lives being put at risk so you people can “feel safe.” I realize most of you simply do not care, since you have money, food, and nearly every luxury you did prior to all this. So many of those folks DO NOT.

    So, spare me the “OMG! OMG! We have ANOTHER case!”

    • Perhaps you should join your buddies in Michigan. Don’t forget your MAGA hat, and by all means, don’t bring a mask.

    • Or ……. better yet, why don’t you head over to NewYork and enlighten the folks there? Demonstrate your convictions and please, do not wash, sanitize, nor wear a mask.

  5. It is not “hysterical fear” it is common sense. Since I am in the over 70 yrs old age bracket why would I put myself at risk as well as my family? I do not trust our President or some of his cronies in saying all is well. If you have read about the 1918 Pandemic, this is very much like it. Become educated and realize this is very serious.

    • I don’t want to put those at extra risk even more at risk, Martha, and also think it’s common sense. I care about everyone with extra vulnerabilities and think what’s being asked is a matter of shared sacrifice for the common good. But there are so many unhinged people around I’ve gotten disheartened. Reading that there are still folks who believe in common sense is reassuring! Stay safe out there.

  6. Elizabeth, a Commentator above, may not live along the California Coast, nor any Coast for that matter, nor have any first hand experience with the hospitality industry, and particularly the lodging portion of it, of which I am a long time member.

    I, and others in my business, thrive on making people feel welcome. Our goal is to make their experience with us the best they’ve ever had. Our hearts and souls (money, too) go into these interactions. Many of us are fourth, third, second generation, in the business. We are Gate Keepers for our City, County, State.

    Trust is a big part of our business. Guests trust us to be their guide, and we honor their trust.

    Often, they call on us late at night. They’ve run out of this or that. We joyfully leave our home to get them what they need.

    Right now, Covid is changing the rules. We are not allowed to have Guests, unless they are deemed Essential, and can prove it.

    We, the hospitality industry members are putting our lives on the line. An Essential worker could contract the virus, and bring it to us.

  7. The “essential” health worker transporting the dreaded virus ever he or she went. Meanwhile “non-essential” people are in house arrest mode.

  8. R.D.Smith: I’m very sorry about your Stockholm Syndrome.

    I don’t and never did support Trump. I don’t support liars. That includes most of the “Democratic” (sic) Party, though, as well.

    Lesson for you for the day, fundamental political concepts:

    1) “Consent of the Governed” – this means the government has NO AUTHORITY apart from what the the People grant it. I do not consent to the suspension of the Bill of Rights, for example. Rule by decree is the practice of dictatorships, no matter what the alleged justification.

    2) “the Right to Choose” – this doesn’t apply only to killing unborn babies, but applies to ANY medical procedure, for whatever reason. Government does NOT have the authority to forcibly administer a “test,” “procedure,” or “treatment” against the will of the patient. Government may claim such authority, but it is Ultra Vires. Such power exists only because government uses force. No such right or authority actually exists.

    If you want to live in fear, please stay confined to your home.

  9. Martha Effinger: “Become educated and realize this is very serious.”

    Actually, it’s not. At least not for the reason the “authorities” and the lying media are claiming.

    What is serious is the Controlled Demolition of America’s and the world’s economies. What is serious is the de facto suspension of the Bill of Rights, replaced with rule by decree like in pathetic dictatorships.

    You don’t trust Trump, and you are right not to. Yet you apparently trust liars from the “other” party, who have long histories of deceit and corruption. Fake “hero” Tony Fauci is a corrupt man, and issues astrology-quality predictions. And more importantly, he signed off on funding for the very Wuhan Institute that is alleged to be source of the virus.

  10. There are some very BASIC inconsistencies here. In a prior article, you said if someone from a different county tests positive here, it is not added to our totals. But then in this article, you contradict that statement. That is a red flag to me, because now you have a variable, and dont tell me that doesnt matter. I also have a good grasp on how insurance works. (Or DOESNT) There are really no words to describe the billings except for despicable. I have discussed some of the unorthodox testing procedures with an Enloe employee who is disgusted with this farce. Its plain as day. Sorry. Not sorry. If i see piles of dead bodies, i will eat my words but not until.

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