Mendocino will get OptumServe COVID testing unit, hastening reopening


8 thoughts on “Mendocino will get OptumServe COVID testing unit, hastening reopening

  1. Good News and thank you to all who made this happen. I am willing to go pick it up for delivery if that will help speed things up? Let me know….

  2. Thanks so much for this reporting. I realized this morning that since moving here a year ago this outlet is where I go for clear, accurate, local information. I became a Patreon supporter to put my money where my mouth is and just want to say to other readers who value the Mendo Voice that if you’re on the fence, it’s such a relief to act in accordance with your values and support work that is good for our communities here in Mendocino County.

    • You may want to research the causes of “false positives” with COVID-19 testing. Lab errors or something more? The report out of Tanzania about goats, fruit, and motor oil testing “Positive for COVID-19” after the test kits were processed by the WHO should raise eyebrows.

      What benefit do you assume getting a test will provide you or others?

    • Hi, we are setting up a member-specific newsletter soon but it has been a very busy couple months. We hope to offer this option in the next several weeks and we will be contacting our members soon, thanks!

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