7 thoughts on “Mendocino Co. will not hire Iser, Doohan likely to continue in some role

  1. It’s too bad we can not request mutual aid from a neighboring county up north. How about 1 public Health Officer for Humboldt, Del Norte, Lake and Mendocino county? The “Redwood District”? We all share similar demographics and population numbers. Save a lot of $$$ as well. I thank the Board for making a tough decision by not hiring Dr Iser. Hopefully they are still actively looking for a replacement as I would not feel comfortable taking direction directly from the “state”.

    • Why not, don’t you believe in the total benevolence of rule by decree by our betters in Sacramento? LOL

  2. If the pool is so limited they should expand the pool. Why can’t they hire a knowledgeable, likeable PA or RN who can make decisions and consult with a physician from time to time as needed.

  3. Maybe the question to ask is why no one wants to work for Mendocino County Public Health. When management fires competent people because they were critical of the mis-management of the department, it should not be a surprise when no one applies for the position.

  4. I wish Dr Gary Pace would return from Lake County. He was my personal physician for many years and he is a great doctor and a compassionate man.

  5. 30 years now I’ve heard how difficult it is to hire competent help yet when competent help are hired the board or management fires them. Why? To maintain control and to continue to give themselves raises. How much does a supervisor earn now? Career politicians who are sitting on this board know exactly what I’m referring to. Shoot I remember when the board broke their own contract with a newly hired CEO. Cost the county a good amount of money but that didn’t stop them from giving themselves another raise!! We can afford to hire competent people but the board needs to get their hands out of the cookie jar!

  6. Hey, some GOOD news amidst all the bad!

    I’ve had harsh criticism for Doohan, but man, we dodged a proverbial bullet in avoiding Iser. Frying pan to fire if he was in charge. Direct rule by decree from Sacramento is preferable to him.

    We should all be questioning why Mendo cannot retain nor secure a new permanent “health officer” that is competent and has integrity. Lack of pay? Poor working conditions? Not likely. Doohan seems to be treated with kid gloves. Perhaps no one wants the job since it entails making unethical and immoral decisions contrary to what we all learned is the “American Way”?

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