41 thoughts on “Community spread of COVID occurring Mendocino Co.; Doohan will speak at 2pm

  1. Doohan is simply keeping the fear mongering going in this community!! BOS should hire someone who is less power hungry! The statistics show this is less of a threat than the common flu – have we ever shut down America before? NO & it should never have happened this time!!

    • Reports are reports. Data is data. What you choose to do with that information is up to you, Janis.

      Can you honestly say you’d rather contact tracing weren’t performed?

      Or that when they weren’t able to do their jobs they didn’t make that information to the public?

      Would you like it if we all continued on as normal until someone close to you got hurt and then your outrage was pointed at Doohan for covering it up?

      I’m a teacher; best teacher in the world can’t understand something for you.

    • And the more people who ignore the facts the way you do, the worse it will get. Have you paid any attention to what happened in New York and New Jersey? Or is it more convenient for you to ignore that too? How on earth did the Democrats manage to shut the country down when they aren’t in power? Willful ignorance.

    • Janis, what bubble do you live in? Have you seen the refrigerator trucks for bodies in NYC? Have you read about the children with heart attacks? Have you watched the case counts going up, up, up? Doing nothing is not an option. You may not care about covid19, but in the end, it doesn’t care about you, either, and will exploit any crack it can find in your armor, be it lack of mask, careless contacts, failure to wash your hands. It’s out there, waiting for ppl like you to come along and recharge it with life.

    • Not defending Doohan, since I’ve had plenty of criticism for her, but she’s merely doing what the Plandemic Planners have established for lesser functionaries like her to implement.

      The domestic enemies of America are going to continue to cheerlead Flatten the Economy as long as they can, long past the point where the catastrophic damage is irreversible (we’re probably there). They’ve been programmed by Television and “education” to be obedient little subjects. They’re told they’re “smart” to follow along with the self-inflicted wounds, and, since they suffer from the Dunning-Kruger Effect, they haven’t a clue about their role in the destruction.

    • Kate Cook:

      You’re funny! The “Democratic” (sic) governors who implemented the lockdowns leading to Flatten the Economy are responsible for the catastrophic damage, yet you blame Trump. Unbelievable.

      I’ve never been a Trump supporter, largely because he’s been a life-long con man – after all, he was a liberal “Democrat” until he decided re-branding would serve his own purposes. But this projection of blame is beyond comprehension. He could tell us 2+2 = 4 and you people would shriek that we needed to ask 2+2 how it identified as, then attack Trump!

      As for what ACTUALLY happened in New York and New Jersey, I listened to the lies of the “Democratic” (sic) governors, Cuomo especially, and then witnessed those lies be exposed by heroic men like Jason Goodman. NEVER overwhelmed, despite what the corporate media told you.

    • Phyllis Mervine:

      Obviously, you live in a “reality” created by the corporate media. The refrigerated trucks in NYC were quite the hoot when one looked at them RATIONALLY. In one case, I watched them loading a fancy coffin in there, obviously staged for maximum perception management effect. I’m sorry, if that was a real event, the bodies would be in BODY BAGS, until they got to the mortuary. Same as with the “mass graves” on the NYC island. “OMG! OMG! They’re digging mass graves in New York! OMG!” Oh, gee, what a surprise to find out that New York City has been burying unclaimed bodies in mass “pauper’s graves” on that island for well over a century, on a regular basis.

      This announcement of “community spread” is laughable. The entire State of California – including Mendocino County – has had “community spread” for months. The vast majority recovered with little to no effects, and a few have had enduring symptoms they thought was something else, even “just allergies.”

      Just accept that this virus is with us forever. You’ll live a longer life if you don’t live in hysteria every day.

    • The US has had 105,000 deaths in three months, over a thousand people a day are still dying, and you think this is less of a threat than the common flu? SMH

  2. There is a lot of misinformation and confusing information out there but one thing is very clear Janis: a lot more people would have died by now if not for the shutdowns. There wasn’t and isn’t a simple solution to keeping the country running and the people safe at the same time. I sincerely hope that – now that the virus is spreading in OUR county – it doesn’t touch you or your family. I have friends who caught it and – even 6 weeks later – they are not totally well. Does the flu do that?? Rarely. But this is the NORM with this virus for a lot of people. Its bad. Really really bad. And really really sad.

    • That’s purely assumption on your part. South Dakota did NOT lockdown, and does not have catastrophic numbers. Sweden and Belarus did not implement a Controlled Demolition of their economies, either, and they’re not seeing mountains of bodies.

      This virus simply is NOT “really, really bad.” It’s a NOVEL virus. Novel viruses kill people more readily. But the prophesied “apocalypse” DID NOT OCCUR, nor will it, nor would it have. The government condemned tens of millions of Americans to a completely uncertain fate (e.g., no jobs, no money), tens of thousands of Americans to death by suicide and other deaths of despair, and an unknown future for both our country and the world considering the damage to the socio-economic fabric of most of the world.

      Was this anything like the 1918 Pandemic? Absolutely not. Did they shut down the economy or the war? NO!

      If the people who shrieked in favor of Flatten the Economy were the only people to endure the coming misery, I’d say, enjoy the Karma, but, unfortunately, the “make me feel safe!” took ALL of us along with them.

    • Actually, Mara, thanks to misinformation and fear mongering a lot of seriously ill people were denied medical care or surgery because they didn’t have COVID-19, not to mention creating an unnecessary shortage of the surgical masks needed by critical care workers, because we’re told we gotta wear them everywhere or the virus will get us!

      Let’s not forget the deaths and domestic abuse as the result of throwing millions of people out of work resulting in billions in lost wages and failed businesses. Sorry about your friends who are recovering from the virus. At least they are recovering. Many will NEVER recover from this orchestrated disaster!

  3. I’m going to add: what happened to George Floyd was an abomination – unnecessary, unjustified, horrendous. I can understand anger over it.

    But what is terribly ironic is that almost none of these protesters gave a tiny bit of a damn while “governors” were putting millions of Black Americans out of work, most permanently. They didn’t give a damn when thousands of Black Americans were succumbing to diseases of despair due to the hopelessness imposed upon them by the House Arrests and Flatten the Economy. In the near future, Black Americans will be facing much more than “their fare share” of the economic pain and misery caused by Flatten the Economy.

    We’re seeing protests in dozens of cities across America right now. Where’s the corporate media shrieking about “social distancing”? They sure did when White folks perceived to be “Republicans” were protesting the Controlled Demolition of the economy. Interesting.

    It seems that the majority of the phenomena in our society are a fake “reality” created and sustained by the corporate media, in conjunction with government.

  4. JC Tokalenko should not be taken seriously. This person, like many, seize on partial information or misinformation and then create a theory based on that.
    I could also bloviate ad infinitum but to be brief, for one thing, the virus has not (yet) been apocolyptic precisely because of quarantining and greatly limiting spread (because of distancing). South Dakota and other large open spaces dud not have widespread virus because of the distance between people. One of the worst outbreaks actually happened in South Dakota at a meat processing plant where people are in close proximity to one another. Again, distancing.
    Swedens experiment, by its own admission, has not turned out well. The infection rate is high for it’s population and the death rate per million is quite a bit higher than most countries. Apples to apples comparing Sweden and Germany for example, two European to countries near each other Swedens death rate per million is 431 and Germany’s is 103. That is quadruple the death rate.
    I don’t know where you get your partial information but it is not at all accurate. In fact, it’s wrong, so I tend to discount most of what you say based on facts.

    • “Miss Information,” you are exactly that. In other words, LIES.

      Everyone who wants to know the official propaganda narrative can watch any TV channel or read any “news”paper. They all agree because they all come from the same master script. Hence why we call it a “Plandemic.”

      An apocalypse was NOT avoided because of the House Arrests and Flatten the Economy. You’d like to pretend that’s true, but it just isn’t. Like other countries, we could have adopted a universal mask policy months earlier, at the time the “experts” with the CDC, including the incompetent “Surgeon General,” were telling us “masks are not effective” for us peons. NO House Arrests and especially NO Flatten the Economy needed. The fact everything has been done bass ackwards by those you worship exposed the intentional nature of the actual catastrophe that has occurred (economic).

      You completely ignored my comment about Belarus, because it doesn’t “fit” within your narrative. Less than 24 deaths per million.

      You latch onto the Sioux Falls meat processing plant, as though that proves something in your favor. It does not. Processing plants and even field workers have had high levels of positive tests (which, of course, does not translate to death or even serious illness) in blue states that voluntarily wrecked their economies with the lockdowns. So your comparison is, not surprisingly, dishonest. Look at the state of South Dakota as a whole, including Sioux Falls the city apart from the plant.

      As for Sweden, the real stats are available for anyone who wants them. Like the fake “statistics” from the United States, you’ll probably have to look a bit more deeply than three seconds or by checking a lying “fact” (sic) check site. And, like the propagandist you are, you didn’t bother to compare other European countries that had Police State-level lockdowns, like France or Britain. Higher and much higher, respectively, than Sweden.

      Millions of Americans are onto this psyop, and no further amount of lies is going to change that. What you claim are “facts” are just more illusions & delusions of the synthetic “reality” created by media and government. You’re losing more and more Americans every day, as they come to realize the “experts” were liars and the “authorities” created an economic catastrophe, for nothing claimed.

    • Misinformation from Miss Information. (How much thought did you give to that pseudonym?) Accusing many of us of seizing on partial information is quite disingenuous on your part when you have not provided a single reliable source for your flaky, random “facts.” Those of us who have bothered to do the research have garnered a vastly different store of information from experts (doctors, researchers, epidemiologists, et al) who have been censored by the mainstream TV and online media that you evidently put your trust in. I have in past weeks on this site provided facts and links to sources, which you are free to look into and refute if you are able, and I have many more that I haven’t posted. So go right ahead and swallow the pap being dished up by the CDC, the WHO and those frauds Fauci and Birx (none of whom are able to maintain any consistency in their recommendations or predictions) as well as that self-appointed medical expert with zero medical training, eugenicist Bill Gates. I’ll go on ignoring the ceaseless bleating of compliant, insecure sheep and continue to exercise my rights of peaceful assembly and freedom of movement sans ludicrous and insalubrious face masks.

  5. WOW just WOW…how embarrassing to read these ignorant, hateful and hurtful comments. Nice community we have here in Mendocino county and apparently we have some heavy OANN and Faux News watchers replying here…Where is the RESPECT for each persons individual’s health??? Bunch of spoiled, selfish, privileged, entitled folks…Shame!!! Only thinking of themselves…and screw the rest…

    • Oh, gee, check out the snake spewing venom at me/us for daring to question their faith-based position on “public health”!

      I don’t give credence to any corporate media that promotes the Overton Window. I’m only interested in the facts, to lead to truth. CNN, Fox, NBC, Breitbart, none of them report just the facts.

      Where is the respect for each person’s health AND DIGNITY from someone like YOU? Flatten the Economy, so you can “feel safe,” has led to economic catastrophe. Have you seen Newsom’s revised budget? Billions in cuts to Medi-Cal, IHSS, and other social services. Those cuts will lead to untold misery…and DEATH. All because people like you demanded to “feel safe.” Have you paid attention to the 600% increase in suicide attempts, along with an untold number of “successful” suicides? All those deaths are on YOU, because you demanded to “feel safe” through placing people under House Arrest.

      YOU have money, a home, food…millions in California do not, RIGHT NOW, because YOU are the spoiled, selfish, privileged and entitled one. You would feel shame yourself if: 1) you had any empathy; and 2) had any sense.

      I could laugh at your comments, but that would be wrong, because, unlike you, I actually give a damn about the folks YOU have injured with your House Arrest / Flatten the Economy cheerleading. Your self-righteous amusement amidst all of this is so typical.

  6. This is so sad, so very sad to read so much acrimony and throwing out such abuse to one another. I hope and pray that can all can continue to be reflective of who we are as a community, a city, a state, a country, our nation and our humanity. We each have voices and they each are important and we each bring value to the whole. It is my fervent prayer that we all come through this time with hope. tolerance to one another, support and resiliency. Now our focus for all of us should be what we can do now to help one another as we forage ahead.

  7. Aloha everyone, can we look at this situation and question ourselves with how our actions and words either foster community or break it down.? This is an opportunity for us to re-evaluate or invent different ways of being human on this amazing planet. I am not saying ignore our different perspectives but let’s figure out a novel way of communicating our fears, anger and frustration with how we think each other should be behaving. We can either keep on perpetuating hatred and divisiveness or gather up our courage and try to lead our words and actions with temperance.

    • No one asked us our opinions on House Arrests and Flatten the Economy. They were just imposed upon us. Obviously, our opinions are considered irrelevant.

      Now, we see open insurrection across America, with millions of “protestors” NOT social distancing and NOT wearing masks (unless they’re actively committing crimes, convenient).

      I guess that wicked virus is back burner for now. The “protestors” and their extreme left allies in government have ideology to play!

      As for hatred and divisiveness, get back to me when I hear something other than “all White people are privileged” and “only Black people are molested and killed by the police.”

  8. “Still a man hears what he wants to hear, and disregards the rest.”

    People are like sheep…and will follow whoever says what they want to believe. Especially if information requires them to CHANGE their behavior.

    I believe in facts, and science. This virus doesn’t care what you believe. Turning the epidemic into a political event is beyond foolish. It is profoundly irresponsible antisocial behavior.

    Stop and think for one moment….suppose someone you love close to you dies from this virus…someone who is older, sicker, or just happens to have the wrong genes for immunity to it. Suppose you are one of the MANY people who spread the virus but have no symptoms. Are you OK with that?

    Are you willing to think for your self enough to Learn more about it? Do you think groups who just hold opinions, hold more credence than scientists who spend their lives studying this?

    Check it out! Knowledge can be freedom too. And just maybe it will help your fellow humans.

    Do you have the courage to read this again, and think about it?

    • If I were evil, I’d be laughing hysterically at how quickly the virus became irrelevant once the Marxist-driven “racial oppression” theory overtook it in the last several days. Alas, people are dying, small businesses being destroyed, millions in terror and troubled, so I cannot laugh.

      You “believe in” science – that sounds like religion. The virus doesn’t care what you believe? You mean like the millions of “protestors” NOT social distancing and NOT wearing health masks right now? Are you shrieking about that, demanding the “protests” be shut down for health reasons? Does the virus care about George Floyd’s death?

      We’ve been told a “second wave” of virus is coming. I guess we now know that will be true, and EXACTLY why it’s going to happen. The same left-wingers who were like “OMG, everyone can’t touch, everyone better wear a mask!” who are now ignoring all that and demonstrating in the streets in closely-packed herds and hordes.

      I can read your post a dozen times. I’ve read it all before. I’ve THOUGHT about what you say – the few things of value – long before you posted it. Now, can you UNDERSTAND my points, and do you have ANY “scientific” arguments to rebut me?

  9. CW, you asked for my opinion……a “novel” change I am trying to implement in my thinking is to drop what I believe to be true. This is where the separation and divisiveness occurs for me. The current state of the media and ability of technology to validate every perspective is mind boggling. So, I am attempting to lead from the heart and not my mind boggled brain. I do have the feeling that the majority of us humans want the best for each other. Our challenge is to make space within our differences to allow this to manifest.
    “In Lak’ech Ala K’in”
    Mayan greeting, “I am another yourself”

  10. Thank you Sienna.
    J.C. you are using this platform to pick and choose the conspiracy you believe. Why do you attack people so vehemently who respond to you? Maybe have a conversation based on your facts and their facts as they are known and try to find together what the truth really is. Why are you so angry? There is no logic here, just emotional poison.

    • Laura, tell me there was no “emotional poison” coming from those who attacked JC (and Janis and others). You simply could not refrain from a thinly veiled attack on JC, accusing him of being angry and illogical and, by inference, a “conspiracy theorist.” You can posture as being a peaceable, reasonable soul, but your post is an obvious display of passive aggressive behavior.

    • Note to JC: I referred to you in the post below as “him,” but please correct me if I’m wrong.

    • I am using this platform to express my opinion and convey the facts I have come upon. Obviously, you are one of the ones who prefers the censorship we’re seeing from Silicon Valley, only “approved” voices. The controlled, corporate news media spews lies all day, every day – everyone can go watch their Two-minutes Hate frothing at the mouth hatred of the targeted Americans du jour whenever they want. But OMG if someone is passionate here, objecting to the lies being spewed by those who think they “know,” but don’t.

      You people don’t want a conversation. You want “compliance.” Well, at least you did until the insurrection started. Social distancing and wear a mask out of the window when the “racial oppression” ideology moved COVID-19 to the back burner.

      I am angry at lies, hypocrisy, and stupidity. “He who is not angry when there is just cause for anger is immoral.” (Thomas Aquinas)

    • Marilyn:

      I’m a he. Thanks for clarifying though! Blessings to you as all of this gets worse.

  11. Where is Doohan and all the control freak cheerleaders in condemning the lack of social distancing and mask wearing during the protest in Ukiah today?

    Obviously, none of that is important when the political agenda is at the forefront.

  12. Do not fret, there will always be people who feel that their money and the hoarding of it is more important than human lives.
    JC & Marilyn: I have some questions to ask. Have either of you lost your jobs or cannot pay your bills as a result of the SIP? From all of your previous rants/comments, I already know the answer is NO. Do you personally know anyone whose life has been destroyed monetarily because of SIP?
    Do you know anyone who has coronavirus? Or are the two of you just spouting garbage from the tv, doing the same thing you are chastising everyone else for?
    Also, you mention politicians. The very ones that are paid by our taxes, depend upon the economy and its well being. So your arguments regarding SIP being a Democrat idea is absolutely the most ignorant thing I have ever heard. You both also parrot the same fake news talk found on all cable news, “flatten the economy”, “tens of thousands of suicides” etc. Have you ever realized that ALL CABLE TV NEWS is PURE GARBAGE, bought and paid for by the exact same people? Look to other news sources besides your squawk box and use critical thinking, it will make you feel better and possibly enable you to regain your empathy and compassion you appear to have lost over the years.

    • You already know the answer, do you? To begin with, you are WAY out of line with your nasty accusation that we have lost empathy and compassion and that money is more important to us than human lives. (Phony virtue signalling at its most obnoxious.) FYI I am retired, but YES I do know people who have lost their jobs and some who are in the process of losing their businesses, both here and elsewhere. Some of the jobless people are my GRANDCHILDREN, whose futures have become uncertain as a result of automatons like yourself mindlessly following orders from our dear leaders. And guess what? I don’t HAVE teevee, nor do I watch the online MSM channels, but YOU obviously spend a lot of time gobbling up the “news” from those sources. Everything that JC and I and many others have said about the economic free fall and the skyrocketing rates of suicide and abuse can be verified through numerous sources. If you were not so fearful and gullible you would do research on the real COVID-19 data as well as the true agenda behind this PLANdemic. I consider people like YOU to be more dangerous than the globalists doing their best to bring humanity to its knees, because YOU are enabling them and without YOUR consent they would not be able to bring their plans to fruition. So I turn your advice back onto you: “Look to other news sources besides your squawk box and use critical thinking.”

    • Oh, and one more thing: I am neither a Democrap nor a Repugnican, so that swipe at my presumed ignorance falls flat. Got anything else you want to say about my integrity or intelligence?

    • Ilovemendo:

      You talk about hoarding of money. I see George Looney Clooney is out spewing about race relations in America. He’s an example of someone who hoards his money, instead of giving it ALL to real and alleged victims/”victims” he claims to “care” about. Of course, Looney Clooney is an extreme left fanatic, and, as usual, he wants to give OUR money to the victims/”victims.”

      As for the idiot box aka Television, I’ve not had broadcast or cable or satellite TV since 2003. I pay for sewage to be removed from my home; I don’t pay for it to be brought into my home. You speak like an idiot savant who hasn’t a clue what they’re spewing about. You make ASSumptions without evidence, as is typical of your ideological strain, and have the chutzpah to claim someone like me is the “ignorant” one.

      I do NOT get my information and especially not my opinions from the TV or the controlled “news” media. Critical thinking is why I can see what is actually going on in this world, and how it is not as the media claim it is. I’d be curious where you get yours, NPR? “Democracy”Now? The other usual extreme left propaganda organs?

      Not a “Democrat” idea, eh? Really? It wasn’t Inslee, Newsom, Cuomo, Raimondo, Whitmer, Beshear who were most rabid in Flattening the Economy and imposing House Arrests? Raimondo is very notable for being the first governor – again, a “Democrat” – who sent police and National Guardsmen door to door looking for “undesirables” (aka people from New York). “All in this together.” LOL – like Mars Attacks! “Do not run, we are your friends!” (as the Martians kill people). A dark comedy the most brilliant screenwriter could never dream up.

      As for your unfounded and pathetic attack on my character, namely, your claim I have lost my empathy and compassion? GFY. You have NO clue who I am and what I do. You have no clue about my life of service. It is YOU who have no empathy or compassion for people the media doesn’t tell you to virtue signal about. You deny the tens of thousands of suicides and deaths by despair, yet you swallow the unadulterated bovine excrement about SARS 2 and COVID-19. You deny the reality of tens of millions of folks put out of work and ruined financially, while you live in your little protected “progressive” world of privilege.

      As for who I know who has had SARS 2/COVID-19, or who has been ruined by the House Arrests and Flatten the Economy, I’ve no obligation to answer to you or any other domestic enemy of America causing the problems facing our society right now. That said, yeah, I know several who have had it and recovered (no, I will give no details, because I’m sure the Stasi Health Police monitor here), and I know of families ruined, their businesses closed, and some out on the street now. So, again: GFY. In claiming to be “compassionate,” you out yourself as evil.

    • Marilyn:

      These people don’t want the truth, and can’t handle the truth. They’re the proverbial NPC – non-playable character. An NPC is a preprogrammed element of a video game that cannot be directed and always says & does the same thing.

      We are facing evil right now. Literal, horned, pitch-forked evil. Ilovemendo is just a minor character in the war. The virus pandemic: PLANNED. The insurrection across the country: PLANNED. The Kansas City Police Department acknowledged this morning what “conspiracy theory” sites have reported for a few days: pallets of bricks prepositioned around their cities, for the terrorists to use to destroy. WHO is funding and organizing all this? WHAT is their objective?

      You and I most likely already know.

  13. Hopefully, we are all looking for the truth. Science is a good way to start. Fueling conspiracy theories will just be a distraction from the real issue. Yes the CV-19 is coming back, infecting more people in the county. I’m tired of SIP, but as a person in the age category that is most likely to die, I still need and will continue to be very careful until this problem is solved, hopefully by vaccine in due time, probably at least 9 months. Meanwhile I would really appreciate it if everyone felt it was their civic duty to wear masks when in close proximity to others, keep at least 6 feet away from one another and try to be helpful and at least kind to others. We are all on the same human team. This will work out if given enough time and some basic duties we should all follow, until we can start to recover.

    • We are NOT all on the “same team.” There are very rich, very powerful people who are working to bring total surveillance and total control to this planet, for their own purposes. Whether you are able to accept that or not is irrelevant. Whether you parrot mindlessly the “conspiracy theory” epithet is irrelevant. Those “people” are not, in any way, related to me. Nor are the fools and idiots who lionize these devils. They are, quite literally, enemies of humanity.

      There is much honest debate about whether masks are necessary or not, and even if they are detrimental or not. I encourage everyone who feels safer with one to wear one. But it should be a personal choice, as the pro-infanticide mantra has been for decades: “the right to choose.”

      As for a “vaccine,” some of us will not be taking one, and will resist by ANY MEANS NECESSARY. I encourage you, I implore, I BEG you, for your own sake, to fully research these new “products” that are being concocted right now as a “vaccine” for a Coronavirus. They use new technology, and a few weeks or months of “trials” are woefully inadequate for any semblance of safety analysis. This new technology, synthetic Messenger RNA, has the potential to make all previous vaccine injuries look like fun times. You can start your research by looking up SV40, the virus included in polio vaccine back in the 1950s and 1960s, and learn how so many of the cancers in the Boomer generation are a direct result of that. It only gets worse from there.

      All: any imbecile who wants to spew “anti-vaxxer” at me deserves whatever they get when they take the needle. You’ve been warned, but you refused to listen. You prefer the cute slogans the billion-dollar corporations smother you in. WHY would anyone accept a product injected into their body that has a total liability shield for the manufacturer? Would you a drive a car if you couldn’t sue the manufacturer for defects that injured or killed your family?

  14. I am concerned that a brief message I tried to post over the weekend was “awaiting moderation” and has yet to be approved. In contrast to many of the posts on this message board it contained no anger, no insults, no foul language. The only thing I can think of is that I included links to two videos, one by a medical doctor and one by a journalist. Are we not permitted to post links any more? Was there something said by either of these two professionals that ruffled the publisher’s feathers? What was the problem that an attempt to clarify my position in this ongoing war of words was rejected? At the very least, I feel that when free speech is given the boot, we are owed an explanation.

    • Marilynn:

      No worries, it’s a spam filter to block spam links. I’ve encountered it myself. All HTTP links get moderated.

      I salute Mendo Voice for NOT truly censoring us, like most sites. You and I would have been “deplatformed” on all the control freak sites long ago.

    • I don’t see any current messages pending approval. We are not always able to check often depending on the circumstances, and WordPress will flag a number of things, including when people post certain kinds of copyrighted materials. I do not see any messages pending approval so I can’t provide any insight as of now.

  15. JC we are all human. I said nothing about income inequality. That’s a completely different issue. If you want to have a discussion stick to the topic.

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