5 thoughts on “Adventist Health docs urge Mendocino Co. residents: Don’t avoid the ER for emergencies

  1. One day, maybe, and if honesty prevails, we may know just how many thousands of cardiac arrest, stroke, and other victims suffered, ended up with permanent injury/disability, or even died, from the mass hysteria pushed by government and media. Likely tens of thousands unnecessary deaths across America because people were too frightened to seek, or even outright denied, treatment. More speculative will be how many folks who had allegedly “non-essential” treatments delayed for weeks or months, for example, cancer treatments, ultimately died from the mass hysteria and consequent COVID-19-only protocols.

    Additionally, health care systems across America are going to be suffering financially soon, as they see massive losses of revenue from these “unnecessary” and “elective” services that people did not get. The “surge” did not materialize for most health care systems. That is both a blessing and a curse, because so many, especially smaller health care systems operating just barely in the black prior to this. Some will go bankrupt. Making health in their respective communities even worse from that point.

    It’s not totally hyperbole to cite the proverbial phrase of “we had to destroy the village to save it.” We conquered COVID-19! Sorry about the tens of thousands of “other deaths.”

  2. It is amazing that Adventist Health has obtained a MONOPOLY on healthcare, in Mendocino County, with the acquisition, practically in secret, of the long moribund Mendocino Coast District Hospital, but, now, business is severely off for the profit-hungry corporation, so, the liars-in-charge at Adventist Health, would really appreciate it, if you would COME ON OVER, and consume some healthcare, so we can BILL FOR IT!!

    Adventist Health, the least honest company in healthcare, with the least interest in legal operation and a nearly negative interest in patient and employee safety, really needs your money!! They don’t give a righteous fuck about you OR your health, but they WANT SOME MONEY NOW!!

    So, go get a CAT scan, an MRI, some tests, hell, surgery, a prescription or two, and they won’t start laying off their employees!

    Remember,Jason Wells never says anything at all, that is true, and AH approves of employees harassing each other, supervisors surveilling and gas-lighting subordinates, and, AH has the worst employee environment and patient safety in the industry, but, go in there anyway, and consume some services!!!

    Thanks, the Board at Adventist Health approves of you buying healthcare, from AH!!

  3. I found this article to be interesting but also somewhat provoking on an emotional level. I would love to share my personal experience and insight on this topic.

  4. When I presented to the ED, in late March 2020 with Chest pain, shoulder pain , heart palpitations and abdominal pain loss of smell and taste , and Chills Dr Begley was extemely rude to me and treated me like an embicile. My personal friend , and ED Physician in the Bay Area, was certain that I had Covid19 and Begley refused to test me for Covid19…. He lied about the symptoms as well stating “ There are no GI symptoms with Covid 19” and “ It’s not in our community yet”. It was one of the most terrifying events of my life and he treated me like dirt. He showed absolutely no concern for my emotional well being, and acted like my life didn’t matter. And, I did have Covid 19 and my son developed sx three days after me. Horrific experience!

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