8 thoughts on “Tourists remain on Mendo Coast; enforcement of room renting ban spotty

  1. There needs to be more stringent regulation of the tourist industry on the coast overall. This is just one, albeit egregious, example of the ways that it can do much more harm than good. It’s gone unquestioned that it’s overall a good thing to have so many tourists, but at what cost? To whom? Are any of the benefits shared?

  2. the quest for compliance just got some clout: Towards the end of the article I found this tid-bit which could give you tremendous clout to force compliance from vacation rental owners/managers. Maybe the Sheriff could notify national VRBO/HomeAway office of local violations, and get them delisted; just the threat should get instant compliance!
    Any intimidation of travelers (such as suggesting that travel is safer for them than staying home or dismissing the severity of the crisis) will result in permanent removal from HomeAway and Expedia Group.


  3. Close the County Border to all non-residents. There is currently no community spread, the only way to limit any community spread is to close the County Borders to all non-residents immediately!
    With the borders closed and no community spread lift the order demanding we give up our rights and liberties requiring us to stay in our homes. The time to close the county borders is now, not in two weeks from now, dont wait another day, it is the only solution to stop bay area residents herds from coming into our small rural communities and getting us all sick! Time is of the essence!

    • Yes! Checkpoints on all roads in and out, but who will man the checkpoints and under what authority? Neither the authority nor the manpower now exists. If we could do this it would be just like the border crossing in Tijuana! It would definitely help to stem the spread, both in and out of Mendocino county. China did it but we can’t. Why is that?

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