2 thoughts on “We chatted with the Mendocino Co. Public Health Officer about this week’s coronavirus update (video)

  1. Why are many places still open that don’t really need to be? Like car and farm tractor dealers, office and craft supply, doughnut shops and many fast food places that are not using masks. I think all these should be closed and the public should not be allowed in stores within protection. I live in Ukiah CA and don’t like people’s breathing on me. I only go out when I have to and stores are always still crowded with no social distancing and no protection. Especially Walmart.

    • I agree, its disturbing to see how many people are out, acting like it’s a normal day, no protection on the cashiers or food prep staff…if we want to “flatten the curve” and keep the “ESSENTIALS ” open these employees need to be and FEEL protected. I spoke with an employee at WalMart who had no gloves or mask on and she said she is terrified everyday to go to work. These essential businesses need to be regulated, what deems essential and if they fall into that category then they need to require their employees to be wearing a mask and gloves to prevent themselves and others getting sick. Otherwise they need to be shut down. I personally don’t see why buying a new car in a time where we can’t pay our rent is allowed to stay open?? Its like everyone is afraid to take the bull by the horns and just make it concrete, STAY AT HOME!! Only grocery stores, gas stations, clinics and hospitals should be open. The more people we keep off the streets, the more lives will be saved and the more we will benefit our local healthcare. And can someone take advantage of Gov. Newsom’s offer to help renters in this county!! Please, We need to feel protected right now, we need to have some form of hope and relief. On top of all of our daily stresses, facing homelessness with families is beyond stressful.

      On a happy note:
      Remember our animal shelters, foster or adopt if you have the space and can afford it, add some happy to your life and theirs. Plant a garden, learn to cook online. STAY HOME for the wellbeing of the whole county.

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