Mendocino Public Health will issue shelter-in-place order tomorrow


12 thoughts on “Mendocino Public Health will issue shelter-in-place order tomorrow

  1. Is going to the DMV to renew your ID/License with an appointment considered essential?

    Cause I don’t really want to walk around with an expired ID for the 90+ days it’ll take to get a new appointment, and because of my panic disorder I can’t go in without an appointment.

    • After the bay area counties and city of LA made announcents, I saw this question asked. The DMV made a statement I think; they continue to be open; they have removed some waiting seats and spaced them to keep social distance, and they encourage you to postpone non-time sensitive business, use by-mail or online services, and use any DMV machine kiosks available in your area. AAA also offers some DMV services. And they ask if you need to go in person for urgent DMV business, only do so if you are well and take precautions when interacting with workers and other guests there.

  2. So what about those of us who live on streets with two-hour parking? I will have to go out regularly to move my car. I’m not usually home during the day because I have a life, but being stuck at home I will have to go out every two hours. Or will they be suspending the time limit for now?

    • City of LA relaxed or removed parking restrictions when they gave their orders, perhaps Mendo county and cities there can do this as well!

    • #9 and #16 apply, but you should definitely use your best judgement to protect the health of you and your household! I have read a lot of people on line commenting they called people who do work at their homes regularly like cleaning and landscape, and told them they shouldn’t come in, to protect everyone, but they would continue to pay them. That lifted my hopes. Obviously not everyone can afford to do this. But if the ones that could afford it would do, it would make everyone a little bit safer.

    • Of course, if you are hired to clean in places that have a lot of people interacting, you could be helping to control the spread already! Especially if there are older people.

  3. What about the ppl who are homeless and are not permitted n the homeless shelters… Or have no place to live what r they suppose to do… If they read about the corona virus its a upper respiratory infection which can caise breathing problems and can be dealt with got air or saunas there blowing this shit way outta line… Theres going to be alot of ppl losing there house or apts cause they can’t pay there rent, starve, whats the government plan on doing for that they sure ain’t going to pay r bills or are wages that’s for damn sure… Good way of saying that were gonna do.what they say or else I bet will see the ppl who are suppose to uphold the law take full advantage of this situation amd become even bigger pricks with more authority thjan they should be allowed to have…

  4. I had an appt for renewal with dmv in ukiah on monday. They are having people wait outside or in their cars and only come inside a few at a time. You will probably have to wait, because the precautions slow things down. But, it is really quiet and calm there without the crowded waiting room!

  5. Is maverick enterprise a essential business? We were told that making caps for wine bottles is essential for the grocery stores. This doesnt make sense to me.

  6. So auto parts stores are essential businesses? Many people go inside the stores daily, how does that make it safe for the employees?

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