One thought on “Mendocino Public Health orders ban on gatherings greater than 50 people; recommends shelter-in-place and canceling travel to Bay Area

  1. I heard the March 17) report re: C-virus.
    I was disturbed by the casual attitude and advice given by the county spokesperson. At one point she stated that if a child wasn’t ill and wanted to play with another non-ill child it would be okay.
    They were other unsettling remarks in her deliverance.

    We are being told by state authorities as well as federal authorities to have strict social distancing. Period.

    Mendocino county is only one county away from coronavirus. It is a reality in Sonoma County.
    ****Mendocino is not an island unto itself.

    South of us the C-virus is spreading rapidly. The county speaker should follow *all* the warnings and stringent standards that the state and federal governments ask. No exceptions. One lax mistake and we could have a doomsday event in our communities.

    Let’s do this right.
    With appreciation to all who are working for our well.

    Resident – Fort Bragg

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