One thought on “Meet the Candidate: Ukiah Councilmember Maureen Mulheren is running for District 2 supervisor (video)

  1. There is absolutely NO NEED for ABOVE MARKET housing…the problem is we have too much of that already. We need more truly AFFORDABLE housing. There is no place for people to go…the same old song…send people to stop the homeless falling asleep or trying to rest and eat and tell them to move on but to where? How much is done for the people instead of for the Profit Mongers and slum lords..and it is INSANE for her to do what has always been done…the Homeless are not all with Mental Health issues or Drug or Alcohol Addictions. With her attitude nothing will change and she does not at all understand doing without because she was privileged and bailed out by Parents more than once. She would like Credit for anything anyone else does but she has no clue and talks like she knows what life and reality are about but she has no clue

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