Mendocino Sheriff Tom Allman retiring


4 thoughts on “Mendocino Sheriff Tom Allman retiring

  1. Thanks for your service, Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman. You have more than earned your retirement.

    Here are my prayers for today:

    I pray that your successor, Undersheriff Matt Kendall, doesn’t go out of his way to bust small cannabis farmers just trying to support their families in the depressed local economy.

    I pray that Matt Kendall never forget that the Emerald Counties are the “Appalachia of the West”. We are poor. We are very poor. There are no jobs. No economic development. More than half our resident are Food Stamp-eligible. More than a third of us are eligible for Medi-Cal. Many kids are in foster care. Homelessness is a county-wide problem.

    So who should be targeted by COMET?

    Trespass grows. Those who steal water. Those who pollute and create environmental hazards. Those who have connections to gangs or organized crime..

    I also pray that Matt Kendall clearly sees Prop 64 for what it is — a fatally flawed law with a pro-corporate, pro-commercial bias that creates so many impediments to getting permitted that the vast majority of small, family farmers do better growing for the black market.

    I pray that Matt Kendall see outsiders, like Flow Kana, for who they are. They are carpetbaggers. They are here to export value out of their value chains back to their investors on Wall Street. Guys like Jason Adler, who invested $175 million Flow Kana, want their money back. They want their money back plus an ROI of 10X.

    Flow Kana made a deal with the Devil.

    I pray, too, that Matt Kendall will oppose satellite surveillance on Mendocino County’s farmers, as Humboldt County has done, even in Humboldt’s most remote areas, with a company called Planet Labs.

    What Planet Labs calls “satellite imagery and insights” is nothing more than the government spying on its own people.

    Finally, I pray that Matt Kendall also clearly see the DEA for what it is. It is the government waging war on its own people.

    Cannabis never should have been classified as a Schedule 1 drug. Cannabis is medicine. It is an herb. A sacred herb.

    Its earliest recorded use was in the 3rd millennium BC. It has, however, been discovered in archaeological sites from as long as 12,000 years ago. It has been used as an entheogen, in a religious, shamanic, or spiritual context, in India and Nepal since the Vedic period, since at least 1500 BC.

    Again, thank you, Sheriff Allman, for walking that fine line between upholding the law, and feeling, with your heart, the spirit of the law.

    John Sakowicz, Candidate, Mendocino County 1st District Supervisor

  2. Good luck in your retirement . Im sure you will find plenty to keep you busy. You have served your community well. Best to you our good friend.

  3. Allman should have known about the devil’s tricks and temptations before he had made those decisions. Same goes for the rest of our leaders.

    Look before you cross the road.
    Make sure it is what the community of Ukiah and Mendocino want rather than what the devil wants.

    On the outer shell or other hand, Allman always gave his best effort to protecting the community, and deserves that to be mentioned then anything else. Mendocino is a difficult place for a lot of different reasons and expectations. Marijuana for example puts Mendocino in an awkward situation, though it is legal here, to the DEA it is illegal, so you can imagine the pressure which comes from both the voters of Mendocino and the Feds who are not voted for by Mendocino and regulate drug trade nationally/internationally.

    Never less Sheriffs like Allman helped keep the community safe, and as mentioned above as many traditionals know from experience, that some things are just out of this world, and belong out there and not here in beautiful Mendocino County, the old log cabin North of San Francisco, where the hippies ran and hid to grow and smoke their weed, when they weren’t half away around the world in Jamaica or Indonesia trying to get high on weed. Marijuana. All it was.

    On the other hand, it helped attract people to an area, which would otherwise be tough to survive. Kind of like Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

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