Most of Mendocino County and parts of 28 other counties facing continued power shut-offs through Wednesday (updated 10pm)


5 thoughts on “Most of Mendocino County and parts of 28 other counties facing continued power shut-offs through Wednesday (updated 10pm)

  1. We have received many phone calls from PG&E over the last 2-3 days, however when we answer the phone there is nothing and no one on the line- no voice, no recording, nothing. This is both by cell phone and by landline. (We are in Redwood Valley). Curious if other people are experiencing this. I appreciate the calls, but would really appreciate hearing the information even more, especially as my internet access has been very poor.

  2. i got an idea..lets sue pg&e that way we can complain when they continue to fail in their duties after weve managed to completely destroy whats left of them..then we can sit in the dark until we can convince some sucker to purchase this disaster and we can sue him if he doesnt solve things fast enuff.. and then we can sue his mother for birthing him and mother nature for blowing down trees in the forest.. and me for leaving this comment and you for whatever opinion you have of it and then sue each others mothers and so on and so on and does anybody think the following..” hey..look at how much fossil fuel we could be saving if we had all installed solar with a battery back up!.. and if we did it ourselves it wouldnt cost $40,000.. and nobody would be complaining at all because we would all be comfey and happy living off sunshine”….i am at a loss to look at a neighboring apartment complex with a roof covered in solar panels and the only lights are the tiny indicator lights on each panel… how pathetically unnecessary is that?.. I have ranted so shall i be moving on..thanks for keeping us posted..

  3. This is really upsetting to everybody in Mendocino County. Food has gone bad, it’s way too cold,can’t heat up the house for the children. People are going to luting. This government needs to get their ducks in a row. All of a sudden pg&e wants to shut power off.makes no Sense to me. I lived in Ukiah all my life and never have we experienced anything like this. PG&E needs to compensate everyone who has been off work because of this outage,our children missing out on their education,and extra money we have to spend for this interuption in our daily lives. PG&E should have fixed this problem before it got way out of hand..I am really sickened on how this has played out. Poor judgement.

  4. since i can remember trees have sparked fires by falling onto power lines..but people blamed the wind until they got tired of waiting for the wind to show up for court..then they turned to the owner of the power lines and that combined with peoples excessive wreckless consumption habits destroying our forests and resources is why we are in the dark.

  5. yes instead of hiring more workers to prevent this from happening again PG&E should compensate us all for the horrible way they did past business management..that way we can repeat this over and over and the repair money can go to lawyers and their clients..think of it as a little force fed conservation and buy a couple golf cart battery an inverter with a charge controller and a solar panel or two and shut off the generator and when you realize how much you can do with the electricity from just that simple setup you will wonder why you are still in a situation where this little outage even matters… and on that note ill shut up..but panels cost $1.50/watt a 1000watt inverter with charge controll about $250 and golf cart batteries about $300 so the price of a crappy generator and you have extra power to use even when pg&e is up.. Don’t attach it to your house and you are all gravy..add panels and batteries and a subscription to “homepower” or some such and get to know the glory of sunshine and science..i will stop ranting now i promise..

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