5 thoughts on “Congressman Huffman’s statement on the impeachment inquiry

  1. Jared Huffman you are an embarrassment to the people you represent in Mendocino County – well at least my opinion! Anyone who would “blindly” follow that communist Nancy Pelosi cannot be trusted!
    Thank God I am leaving this liberal state of California!

  2. Jared Huffman, I so appreciate your representation in Congress I am impressed with your relationship with your district/frequent town halls listening to your constituents views and needs. If all politicians were like you we would not be in this current mess

  3. I’m one of the 6 Republicans remaining in Northern California, and want you to know that I wholeheartedly support the left’s pushing forward with this “Inquiry”. It should put an end to the rumor-mongering – and likely show some more dirty laundry on both sides, Go for it!

  4. An “Impeachment Inquiry” is one thing, actual impeachment something else, and removal from office still further down the road. Unless there is serious and swift action, this will roll right into the election. Which might be the real intent.

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