PG&E will declare bankruptcy


One thought on “PG&E will declare bankruptcy

  1. I highly doubt that the 30 billion would have any effect on PG&E. They sing the same song every single time they are going to be held liable /accountable for their lack of upgrades and warning systems, and are just trying to get out of being responsible and owning up to the fact that all they care about is their bottom line!!! Greed and power really does corrupt absolutely!!!! I’m sure no one from PG& E had any problem with homes being destroyed, family members dying all because of their inadequacy? No, I’m sure they’re just fine. Well, they can say & do whatever they want, I’m not going to lay down and let it go! I am still nightmareing out all due to their negligence! Bitch mandatory burn days, no updated equipment, very uncool! I pay a hell of a lot for electricity! WTF? Where’s all that money go??

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