4 thoughts on “Several “credit card skimmers” found at Hopland gas pumps (updated)

  1. Nice: thanks for not telling us which stations were compromised so we could take action. I suppose there’s some sort of law prohibiting media from informing the public where the skimmers were planted. Good idea! Hey, someone might know something about the perps and actually report it and we can’t have that! Keep up the good work informing of us of crime, but for heavens sake just don’t tell us the location!

    • There are two gas stations in town, and it says skimmers were found at both. That’s clearly stated in the article.

  2. Sounds pretty clear to me.

    “Based on the number of devices located at the first gas station a check of the other gas station in town was conducted. The completed inspection revealed three (3) additional scanning devices bringing the total number of scanning devices to seven (7).”

    You read free news and then complain about the quality? I hope you make a donation or subscribe!

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