Chris Skyhawk withdraws candidacy from District 5 supervisors race


One thought on “Chris Skyhawk withdraws candidacy from District 5 supervisors race

  1. God bless you Chris and family you are a beautiful man. May the Lord Jesus Christ heal you in his Almighty name we are given ( free will ) to choose him or perish when you choose him you repent daily and forgive all who you’ve hurt and who ever hurt you sincerely from your heart daily and before bed time is short please get saved before it’s too late and Parish you have a choice when you’re alive in this carnal body to make that choice Jesus died For All Mankind for salvation and repentance of all sins we have prayed 4 mercy from our Father God Elohim for the unsaved to get ready prepare your heart pray vigilantly daily and nightly for the time is short these are the last days you he will come and take his chosen ones soon take heed soon if you were left behind look for believers to shelter you feed you and help you do not get the RFID chip the Bible has been warning Believers for 2000 years choose life Jesus said he’s the life the truth and the way no one goes to the father only through me . Jesus loves you turn from your sin become pure in heart mind soul spirit shalom

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