Body found at Hart family crash site (updated)


6 thoughts on “Body found at Hart family crash site (updated)

  1. I would like to suggest that you consider that the wording “did you enjoy this article” when that article is about something as sad and horrible as this event is really, really a very poor way of eliciting a response. I realize that it is a generic question asked about all articles. But it might make sense to word in a way that it would be more sensitive to the kinds of articles that necessarily are part of any new reporting. Perhaps something more like “did you find this article to be of interest”.

    • Our apologies, Kenneth, it is a standard feature of our website that we built in and we did not mean it to be insensitive or offend anyone. Unfortunately we aren’t able to customize it with each article but we will look into what we might need to do to change it.

    • I think that would be a good idea, I am not offended, but it is a bit grating to see that in an article of this sort. Considering how many articles of necessity are of matters that are unpleasant, sad and/or about tragedies, that just seems to be bad wording. I am surprised, that when creating the website, this did not occur to anyone.
      Thanks for looking into this.
      Appreciate your starting this endeavor, we really a source for local news that is more responsive than our weekly papers a welcome addition to the coast.

    • C’mon Kenny… There are those of us with a brain who enjoy hearing the latest updates on a tragedy such as this so why don’t you just go and stick your head back in the sand!

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