Identity of woman killed by deputy sheriffs released


One thought on “Identity of woman killed by deputy sheriffs released

  1. well..if folks havent figured out by now that the days of negotiating with armed suspects in hopes of possibly talking them into laying down their weapons are over and past then i guess they realize it the hard way. There is no longer a tolerance to the flailing gun waiving person having a nervous breakdown.. You just simply get terminated to avoid stray bulletts hitting unintended victims etc.. or as the Sunrise Inn incident clearly displayed..If you hang out with gun toting fellons the police assume you are one and show no intent to preserve or protect your life as they blindly empty their weapons into the general area where they last observed the fellon.. So dont be a moron.. have self restraint.. dont waive guns at cops or near them..dont hang out with criminals who carry guns..and dont act surprised when you get shot should you be so stupidly inclined…remember..just showing a gun to a cop when in a populated area is providing them the justification to label you a threat to the public and justifies your demise. Think.. negotiating with armed suspects is T.V. stuff..

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