PGE has cut down 30,000 “hazard trees” in burned out areas

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One thought on “PGE has cut down 30,000 “hazard trees” in burned out areas

  1. They lie pge cal tran mountetey county water for sewage weels and tree services davey, coastal trees recycle moss landing power plant these imposters of a crew of no more than 5 have been cutting down all the red ak and native historic oak trees . powerlines railroad tracks and underground high electrical with black tubing have been placed underground and how do you replace blacktop in the rain overnight. Science for this plant and all is tree of life. Trees are now dead no oxygen under ground areas water evaporating and land now covering the cut red oak has been chopped up 9n dolan rd past little bridge on right next tracks it is burned or heated up with coal and goes directly i water system changing fields n trees to a rust red color….when you cut a native historic or red ak tree you break the generation and dna mmale n female that plus oil smudge sea salt water sewer water heated coal n tree shrub restores its historic state n its like a magic power. Permits are requiered these trees are protected bitats ecological federal n state pge cal trans imposters e been going in oples property n just cutting trees down at night overnight ew powerlines alot n trees gone.

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