Man kills girlfriend’s ex-husband in Point Arena shoot-out; deceased charged with attempted murder (press release)


5 thoughts on “Man kills girlfriend’s ex-husband in Point Arena shoot-out; deceased charged with attempted murder (press release)

  1. fact – Jackie Jo is having an affair and lives with (not dating) the shooter, John Schmidt of Point arena.. Jackie Jo has had several affairs before, during, and after her marriage(from her mouth to Rays’s ears) When Jackie Jo dropped the bomb on Ray about the affair(s) Ray asked Jackie Jo why she married him. Jackie Jo said “because I have a hard time saying NO” (That’s obvious) Jackie Jo turned off the utilities without telling telling Ray, which left the kids without electricty, cable, phones etc… even though the kids were to be with Ray on the weekends, she basically took everything (maybe even the gun?). She did cruel, manipulative, greedy, thieving things to Ray. Let’s try doing a real investigation….did he really bring the gun with him? Why didn’t John come out of the house to see the commotion he heard or call the police? Why did John start shooting the minute Ray “barged” into the house…? Was he lured into the house so they can call it self defense? How can they charge a dead man with attempted murder – everyone deserves a trial. Are Jackie and John’s statements true? Why didn’t John call the police instead of arming himself, anyone else would have went outside to protect their lover” not wait Inside the house without calling police? Too many holes in the story and no one will know the truth unless someone digs deeper into the story. Ray was a good, kind hearted man, a beautiful father, and a great neighbor. How long did it take Jackie Jo and John to collaborate on a good story. Makes no sense..perhaps a setup? Ray loved Jackie Jo with all his heart and soul, he would most likely never harm her. Please find some justice for Ray….he is the victim in this story.

  2. Re: Kim – OMG !!! YOU”VE GOT TO BE KIDDING …
    YOU were not there ! Has someone ever came to your house with a gun to kill you, your love or your kids ???
    do you even know John ??? I mean know him not just seeing him around town ??? Well, I do know him, for 30 yrs now !
    Its absolutely not in him !!! He is kind, a good father, hard working and responsible. He does NOT deserve this BS. Put yourself in his shoes- someone shows up and in minuts comes to INTO your house to KILL you- what would you have done ??? Wait for the sheriff to show up in say half hour, hour or two hours…REALLY you’d be dead ?!? come on ! I know most of us would have done the same thing John did !! BTW I also knew Ray & yes, he was a real nice guy but he snapped… You Kim need to get a brain- just because you don’t like JJ or what she has done doesn’t make you all knowing…Your small town mind and gossip can ruin lives…maybe you should get one !!!

  3. RE: Jen – WOW! Do you know what really happened, were you there! Why is it that Ray “snapped” ? Could it be that why Ray was going on these jobs “out of town” that his wife was screwing his boss? could it be that JJ was making threats, emptying bank accounts, rubbing it in on how John makes more money. oh and ( turned down a $30.00 an hour job because she doesn’t want to work that hard and didn’t need to because she would get lots of money from Ray every month for child support, daycare, health benefits, spousal support and who knows what else. Oh, and half of whatever the house sold for….. that may have made him snap! This chick and his boss did a number on him, they both are liars, cheaters, manipulators, and just sad. Do you really think they would tell the police the truth? So Jen, my brain is working great, I wasn’t there so these two can tell any story they want, but….there are holes in their story. You say I do not know anything and that I don’t know John who you say “its absolutely not in him” but here we are he’s alive and Ray is dead. So, apparently he did have it in him to pull that trigger multiple times. Its so very sad that Maverick will never take a photo with his dad at his graduation like the pic of John and his son on Facebook. Because of their lies and deceit and torrid love affair, a good man has been taken away from his children and family. I am not all knowing but I do have hoards of common sense. So chill out Jen. You tell your story and I’ll tell mine. Did you ask yourself why Ray went there on that night? What did Jacquie Jo do to him to make him want to go there? How much more could she possibly want from him. She already took everything, including his life. This is a very tragic story.

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