Tensions flare in supes’ negotiations over pot ordinances


3 thoughts on “Tensions flare in supes’ negotiations over pot ordinances

  1. Is this in regards to when Undersheriff Randy Johnson speaks with the Board at 3:21:00 of the Youtube video posted?

    This article seems to be misleading. The author implies that the Undersheriff is negotiating 6 plants across the board. Yet, what I heard Undersheriff Johnson stating is only in reference to recreational and or residential zones.

    I ask the journalist who wrote this article to, in the future, not create a dialogue surrounding inaccurate information. Even the title states “tensions flare”, no such tension existed.

    We are all waiting and hoping for an Ordinance to pass as soon as possible. Farmers are still hoping that 9.31 will move forward with the alterations necessary to comply with CEQA and The Williamson Act. We are eagerly awaiting any news on the update to the ordinance. To read articles such as this only causes more confusion and despondency.

    If i am off base, and just watched the wrong part of this Youtube video, could the Mendocino Voice please direct me and it’s readers to the moment in which this tension occurred.

  2. I think most of us are thoroughly confused! I have listened to radio, read online articles for months, paid $200.00 to go to a meeting, and the only thing that seems clear is they all want fees, other that that they don’t seem to know whats up themselves.
    We don’t even have anyone to represent my district!
    I don’t believe that the County can keep info safe from the Feds.
    I don’t think anyone should have to do anything with the Government until the Government knows what it’s doing!

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