Sheriff will stop responding to non-violent 5150s later this year


3 thoughts on “Sheriff will stop responding to non-violent 5150s later this year

  1. Is this the same article?
    El Sheriff dejará de responder a los casos 5150 no violentos este año
    Allman planea limitar la respuesta de los diputados a las llamadas de crisis de salud mental a casos donde la amenaza de violencia está presente.

    Maybe they could be linked?

  2. I quit reading part way through the second paragraph when I found a third mistake. This is why I no longer subscribe to, or read, newspapers: the reporters cannot write and the editors cannot edit.

    1. Allman PRESENTED this “challenge,” as he called it, to Mendocino County supervisors in a measured presentation at a special joint meeting of the supervisors and the Behavioral Health Advisory Board held January 23, also attended by Health and Human Services Agency directors and mental health staff.

    2. For the past several years, a debate has raged in Mendocino County over how to better respond to people suffering a mental health crisis who can be deemed “a danger to themselves or others” and can be PLACED on a “5150.”

    • Thanks for the tips, good eye. That’s cool how you just don’t read newspapers anymore, glad you’ve decided to stay informed. I suppose since you are smarter than everyone else you don’t need to.

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