Summary abatement of weed gardens could have a place in Mendo county code


4 thoughts on “Summary abatement of weed gardens could have a place in Mendo county code

  1. Just sell zip ties to whomever wants them for a hefty fee.write down their address and parcel number so they can avoid problems with law enforcement and call it a day. All this extra bullshit is all it is. Trying to make everything so.complicated in order to justify all these extra government jobs where they are wasting tax dollars.

  2. Are you positive that you have made this whole process as confusing as possible?
    Maybe that is so no one will be in compliance!
    What about a straight forward list of everyone that has to be paid off and how much.
    Then how many fines, fees and penalties we can be ripped off of.
    How are folks that haven’t made a bundle in the business ever supposed to find the money to pay to play?
    Humboldt Co. seems so much more organized!

    • They could add a step where you have to sacrifice two hens and then walk backwards saying a chant.

  3. Like the City of Willits now oppresses their residents with bogus, illegal “nuisance abatement laws”, there is no proof or reasoning that summary abatement of Cannabis Gardens is even legal, it has never been proven that a natural plant is a “nuisance” worthwhile of “immediate abatement”. Psycho Job McCowen is doing his best to oppress and harass cannabis farmers on every level along with his prohibitionist monkeys from the Hunting Club Black Tail Deer Association… Time to get this minority of creeps outta the way and write some meaningful cannabis rules which welcome business, freedom and prosperity rather than a bunch of hypocrisy in the name of environmental concerns. McCowen has turned into an oppressor with a vengeful heart meanwhile Northern Mendo has zero representation since Woodhouse went 5150 and off to the psychiatric ward in Sacramento.

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