Geiger’s Long Valley Market building for sale; market will stay open


6 thoughts on “Geiger’s Long Valley Market building for sale; market will stay open

  1. We took a beef there for cut and wrap and did not get back what we asked for. They asked us what cuts we wanted and we got back totally different they also said the car us was 900 pounds exact hanging and that’s not true either. When confronted about it they said then go somewhere else. We even took cut sheets from other places to show proof they were lying. At the end of it all they said they would do our next one for free. How about no thank you. You already stole and didn’t follow instructions.

    • I love the store it has not only hardware that I sometimes need but excellent deli and I’ve always had good luck at the butcher’s counter kind of pricey but what do you expect is the only game in town

    • William Borland I’m not talking about the meat counter I’m talking about we brought our own ranch slaughtered beef in to be cut and wrapped the way we want. And they didn’t do it. Going and buying straight from the counter is totally diffrent.

  2. It’s like an apocalyptic ghost town in there. I’m expecting a tumbleweed to drift by next time I’m in there looking for something they don’t have anymore. Pretty sad.

  3. The shelves are totally empty. I went in there last week just to look and a flipping can of heinz pork and beans was 8.00. I go to willits or ukiah to do my grocery shopping now. I think the laytonville store will be closing.

  4. I feel bad for the employees. However the man that runs the meat dept is a bonified jerk. I took some beef in to be cut and wrapped and I’m positive I got shorted. Not only volume but choice cuts. There was no weight or packing list recorded. When I asked why not. I was told and I quote “take it somewhere else then”. So that I will do. And I say to that jerk. You reap what you sew. I take my several thousand dollars a year elsewhere!!!!

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