Mendocino County Cannabis Director Kristin Nevedal resigns


7 thoughts on “Mendocino County Cannabis Director Kristin Nevedal resigns

  1. Pot growers who saw the State tax on pot removed last year won a new victory in Mendocino County today when the Supervisors voted 3-2 to cut the pot tax in half, waive interest and penalties on 4.2 million dollars of delinquent taxes owed to the county, and not have to worry about any collection since the Board indicated the current ordinance on collection of back pot taxes is not legal.

    Fireworks were seen over Willits the home town of Hashtack, one of the supervisors who voted yes and Mulheren who pushed the ordinance through to successful conclusion.

    Supervisors Williams and Gjerde voted no with the former claiming and the CEO confirming that the county budget will be 750,000 short as a result of the sweet heart deal passed. He asked and no one replied how the deficit in revenue resulting from the tax break to pot growers will be filled.

    Mulheren, Hashtack, and McGurdy seem worried about revenue until their pot growing voters pressure them to give them and only them tax breaks while pot holes go unfilled, mentally ill wander the streets, and caregivers to the elderly beg for a few dollars an hour in pay increases.

    Never underestimate Big Pot.

    • You have no idea what your talking about.
      Cannabis farmers pay higher taxes then any other industry. Even with a tax break they will pay more then you pay.

    • Maybe we should tax all the businesses on the Mendocino coast to fix the potholes.

    • If you support unfair taxation its time to tax every business on the Mendocino coast just for being there.

  2. Pot farmers owe 2.5% market value or a fixed price per square footage but don’t pay 2.5 because that would mean opening books
    Property owners and business taxes fund the county but the outlaws 297 of em refuse to pay their fair share

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