One thought on “Board of supervisors move forward with controversial fire, water sales tax

  1. Thank you, Mendocino Voice, for your coverage of local events. But when reporting on this new tax, the Voice should clarify: Supervisors Mulheren, Williams and McGourty are simply proposing the 2022 Board of Supervisors adopt a to-be-written, non-binding statement of intent that will do nothing to guarantee how the Board of Supervisors spends these new tax dollars in 2023 or in the future. For marketing purposes, these supervisors can call this a Fire and Water tax, but they are in fact proposing a new 3/8th cent sales tax to go to the County General Fund, to be spent at the complete discretion of a majority of the Board of Supervisors. Lack of transparency is one of the many fatal flaws in this last-minute tax proposal.

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