A guide to public participation at Mendocino County government meetings


3 thoughts on “A guide to public participation at Mendocino County government meetings

  1. Because Tuesdays are convenient for whom? Not the working class. So retired people and those who can take time off are the only ones that speak up. No wonder this county is trying to be a giant retirement community, that’s the only opinion the “leaders” ever hear.

  2. I sent an email over a year ago during more covid restrictions to BOS about a upcoming meeting. I voiced my opinion. I actually recieved a email reply from Ted Williams personally, discrediting my opinion, about the subject. I was very concerned about this. A democracy is where opinions are respected and able to be heard. Another person from office apologized about this. They informed me, the email would be read. But it makes me wonder if the boards agenda is their own personal agenda…not one of the peoples. My opinion felt squashed, by a BOS supervisor personally, before a meeting. And it is not an appropriate or democratic response or process, with individuals on BOS, have impulsive responses, that promote the under valuation and blantant disregard, for constituents opinions. Why ask for opinions and feedback, if the BOS does not want them? That’s a waste of time and not a democracy. How many other emails have been discredited? Do people just give up, if representatives respond like this?

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