Dr. Coren anticipates holiday COVID-19 surge in Mendocino County: present moment is ‘calm before storm’


8 thoughts on “Dr. Coren anticipates holiday COVID-19 surge in Mendocino County: present moment is ‘calm before storm’

  1. I think the covid virus could be considered endemic now. We all have a likelyhood of coming into contact with it at some point, that is why I think vaccination is a good idea. So case numbers to me aren’t nearly as important as hospitalizations and deaths from covid. Frankly due to our good vaccination rates in county I don’t expect a surge greater than last year, my outlook for the new year isn’t ominous and I have heard nothing about hospitals being full. I understand it is expected that omicron will be the dominant strain and symptoms are milder & less deadly especially with vaccines. So remember this is the season to be jolly. Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones, be considerate, healthy and help make the new year better.

    • The war against COVID-19 is not meant to be won. It is meant to be continuous.

      It will never end until the People END IT. NON-compliance is one of the keys. DO NOT test, DO NOT take their Liquid Idol sham “vaccines.”

  2. Newspeak to English translation:

    Commissar Coren spews what he is expected to spew, as provided to him by the CDPH and the Centers for Deception and Control.

    You must worship the Liquid Idol, including all “boosters” (to profits), even though the sham “vaccines” clearly do not work.

    You must continue the meaningless charade of masking and “social distancing.”

  3. When the redwood valley grocery store has wear mask to enter on its front door in walks several sheriff deputies all without mask going about. ..come on! Let’s all try our best to provide a safe environment for everyone else who are following mask rules. Safe distance wear mask be kind show respect of others.

    • Be kind by minding your own business.

      Respect others by allowing them to CHOOSE what medical products they wish to use, or not.

  4. Covid is not a political rights issue. The virus does not play that human game. It plays nature’s survival game. It is a personal health issue and if you are not 100 percent sure you need to take measures to try to prevent it from happening to you, just talk to someone who has been hospitalized and lived through it. Omicron may be less serious but not if you have other health issues so why gamble with your health. Anyone not know this? The uninformed, the misinformed and the lazy among us shall be taken like the wolves gathering around the confused elk who has strayed away from the safety of the herd. Nature’s way of thinning the herd is a good analogy for how the virus affects our human society. Herd immunity comes to mind.

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