5 thoughts on “Mountain lion attack at Boonville FFA farm prompts concerns over student safety

  1. A wild animal hunts for survival. Humans should Not punish and kill because they have not adequately protected their domesticated animal responsibility. Please do not kill because of your inadequacies. Sooo tired of humans lazily destroying out of convenience.

  2. Just wondering if someone actually observed or photographed this mountain lion attack. Mountain lions hunt for food. It seems most likely that a mountain lion would kill and eat a single goat. The fact that 2 goats were killed and a third injured sounds more like a clumsy attack by domestic dogs. People generally don’t believe domestic dogs can injure or kill goats or sheep, but it happens much more frequently than you would think. Especially if several get together as a pack.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Or was it coyotes! Lions usually kill it and take it away to a safe place where it can eat it.
      Dogs and coyotes kill it and maybe eat a little, but go kill another one for the heck of it.

  3. Actually I have a coyote problem NE of Willits and they appear to eat the deer they kill. If it was several goats my two cents worth it is a dog attack. I one had a medium/smallish visiting 4 month old puppy here kill 4 chickens and not eat a bite. Were the goats eaten is the germane question here. Only then would I think of multiple mountain lions.

  4. Just another example of poor planning when it comes to building in an area full of wildlife. Right there in known corridors. Imagine that?!

    Build better fences, enclosures, whatever at this point-it’s all you can do. It’s not the coyotes and the cougars fault you built right there where do there thing. Then you open open a 24/7 fast food, of course you are going to get customers….

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