7 thoughts on “Open source report finds at least two Mendocino County agencies operating surveillance drones

  1. Of course, there are drones secretly flying around overhead and of course, their official purpose is to “save lives.” However, who is monitoring the limitations of their use? Who or what agency can we hold responsible for transgressions and going over the line. I really do not care if a cop drone is flying over my neighbor’s yard or even peeking in the windows. But not my house, not my yard, not my windows! As more people learn about this, I have a suggestion for the MCSO. Better, put out a public service announcement about using a shotgun to shoot the little buggers down and stomping on them. Just a friendly, courteous comment from a citizen who enjoys his privacy. You are welcome.

  2. If the agencies truly have nothing to hide with what they are viewing with these drones, and transparency is the goal, perhaps a dedicated LIVE FEED link of what they are looking at with the drones would be in order. The technology is already there. Mendocino County residents deserve and should demand the trust and transparency from all of its government agencies.

  3. I have been seeing drones in Mendocino County for years, but for the last year + I have been followed everywhere I go. I can always find at least one in the sky around my property at night, and anywhere I drive, they follow. One looks like a very bright star, some have a blinking red light, there is one that blinks a tiny white light every now and then…. I am not crazy, other people can see them too. They are going to drive me crazy though, I don’t understand what I am doing that is so interesting that someone feels I need constant and total surveillance. The one time I said something about it to a cop, he said drones couldn’t stay in the air for as long as I described. (And he “knows drones!”) Don’t let anyone tell you the max time a drone can stay airborne is 20 minutes. I feel the constant presence of the drones is excessive and inappropriate, it is having a negative impact on my mental health. It doesn’t help that most people, unless they have actually seen them for themselves, think I am crazy. “Who has the time or the money to follow YOU?” I have asked myself the same thing, and it does seem ridiculous, but there they are, just the same. Makes me feel pretty helpless, who do I go to about this? If it’s the police, they aren’t going to admit it, if it’s someone else I still don’t know what good talking to the police would do….I have started recording them anyway, just in case. There really needs to be more restrictions on those things, I have NO privacy and no way of knowing who is invading it. I am curious how many others are experiencing the same thing.

  4. In response to the article about the drones patrolling the night sky in our county, posted October 21, 2021, both my husband and I can attest to seeing the drones on a routine basis got at least a year. We have even identified where their “home base” might be. We live in Anderson Valley and often see them above us and quite often following us! We have watched them fly above us on Highway 253 when traveling from Boonville to Ukiah and back. As the individual said in the letter posted in December, they are watching and following us wherever we go primarily in the evening. We have recorded them as well and we find it concerning, but often amazing. However, if the county government is using them to spy on its citizens, it makes the drones very creepy! So, yes, we would very much like to know their purposes. Especially since they only appear in the night sky and act as if they are being controlled by a human, and most people have no idea they are even there!

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