Vaccines and the Delta variant: Miller Report for August 24, 2021 (column)


4 thoughts on “Vaccines and the Delta variant: Miller Report for August 24, 2021 (column)

  1. “They went on to state that there is a 500% higher risk of infection for unvaccinated persons right now compared with vaccinated persons. This is strong evidence that the vaccines do work in protecting against new infections even against Delta which now makes up well over 85% of all infections.”
    So the CDC makes a crazy statement and that is now considered “evidence”!?
    You know this sure smells fishy and the CDC would NEVER paint the unvaxxed in a negative light… or skew numbers to make it look like unvaxxed (unclean) individuals are the problem. Why didn’t the good Dr cite the case with the fully vaxxed cruise ship that was peppered with cases left and right!? Geez how on earth could that have happened!? Israel which is mostly vaxxed having many “breakthrough” cases.. oh noooo don’t mention that, it’ll destroy the narrative.
    Imagine if these Dr.s treated people early with therapeutics, and they recovered and therefore received mucosal immunity! Like my brother, cousin, niece friends all have now, then you wouldn’t need some BS experimental mystery drug injection that fades with efficiency! hmm…

  2. This is certainly the spin the vaccine makers are putting out along with the propagandists in the corporate media. This overlooks the reality that the task Operation Warpspeed gave them was to produce a safe and effective vaccine that prevented patients from becoming infected with SARS-CoV-2 or transmitting it. At the end of 2020, when it became apparent that none of the vaccines marketed in the Western World significantly reduced infection or transmission, instead of scrapping the project and attempting to produce a vaccine that did reduce infection and transmission, they (and their friends at the FDA and CDC) opted to move the goal posts and foist a vaccine on the public that appeared to reduce the severity of SARS-CoV-2 infection. I say appeared to reduce severity, only because (as the British Medical Journal has pointed out) they refused to release their data for independent review. With the appearance of the Delta variant (which many virologists with experience with coronaviruses predicted), it’s now questionable if the Pfizer vaccine at least (the main vaccine used in Israel) significantly reduces the risk of hospitalization and death.

    In dealing with the question of reducing hospitalization and death, there are several safe and effective treatment options that are peer reviewed. These include Ivermectin (which has been shown to reduce death rates by 85% in 49 peer reviewed studies), hydroxychloquine and monoclonal antibodies. Sadly this information is being suppressed by the Western media, though Ivermectin is being widely used in third world countries.

    Courtesy of Stew Bramhill.

  3. Dr. William Miller,

    How much 2020 CARES Act money/funding do your Hospital, Administration and Board receive for each Covid patient admitted, administered Covid test, ICU ventilator used for diagnosed Covid patient, Medicare patients diagnosed with Covid?

    Covid-19 HUSH MONEY: $2.2 Trillion CARES Act coercion
    Hospitals were being paid to diagnose Covid.

    Most people don’t know that. All you have to do is type in ‘CARES Act 2020 reimbursement’ for your hospital to discover this information, but I thought I would ask you for an honest assessment first.

  4. Yeah keep on digging those heels in and standing firm with your alternative news brethren. Surely the facts and figures shared by the hospital chair are all merely spin, generated by the big corporate government media machine whose only real goal is to make money, which makes them purely corrupt and therefore everything these organizations and their puppets say and do is suspect. (Because under our Lord’s beloved capitalism, the pursuit of profit is the only functional goal.) Meanwhile, it’s a fantastic idea to ingest malaria drugs and now livestock parasite treatments while avoiding the dreaded jab at all costs. Don’t trust the prescribed lies of Big Pharma! Take different drugs created also by pharma companies but for completely different reasons instead. That’s your right as an American, and when the Grand Old Party returns to power, the DemonRats – who are fully representative of any and all ideas you might identify as “radical left” – will lose everything and be defeated forever. Then God’s favorite President will come back and American Values (whatever we think those are) will reign supreme! So to all the intelligent Anti-Vaxxers right here in Mendocino county, I say Salutations and Amen

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