The importance of vaccinating adolescents: Miller Report for May 25


5 thoughts on “The importance of vaccinating adolescents: Miller Report for May 25

  1. i would rather have treatment than a vaccine. i think some people would agree with me. i also think it’s a reasonable stance. i somewhat resent manipulative tactics like pressure from the community to “do my part” or “protect others”. it doesn’t make me anymore likely to get the shot.

    • Hi Lauren,

      I respect your choice to get treatment if you come down with COVID, hopefully that doesn’t happen. I am curious, what would make you more likely to choose to get the vaccine?

      -William Miller, MD

  2. I’d love to see Dr Miller do a Q & A with the public on a routine basis. The premise could be – Ask a Trusted Source or Ask Your Family Doctor. Might be an effective way to answer the vaccine-hesitant – but also to answer a variety of questions about Covid that might be on people’s minds here in Mendocino County.

    • Hi Nancy,

      That is a great idea. I have done one on KZYX about three months ago, but perhaps it is time to do so again. If not via the radio, do you have a suggestion for how such a Q&A session could be conducted?

      -William Miller, MD

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