3 thoughts on “Sheriff Kendall balks at activist call for independent audit of MCSO—supes form committee to study issue

  1. I think it is a matter of trust. What about the SCORE group should lead the MCSO to trust their audit and how they will treat/spin the findings? I think negotiating might be a good tactic. Explore an audit firm that both offices could agree upon and SCORE pay the bill since the audit is extratraneous compare to normal. And maybe the MCSO gets extra funds to cover the cost of having their personnel have to interface with extra auditors (no small feat).
    Do I think the proposed audit is necessary? No
    Do I think MCSO should doubt SCORE’s motives? Very much Yes.

  2. This isn’t jumping on the Defund The Police bandwagon, nope, its defund the MCSO. Oh, well that’s different.

  3. Communism. Let these “Defund the Police” neo-liberal Marxists defend themselves when an armed intruder breaks into their home in the middle of the night.

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