7 thoughts on “Biden administration makes major push on wind energy off California coast; Humboldt, Morro Bay to lead the way

  1. Not a word about the birds?
    Onshore wind generation has had a major impact on raptors, especially Golden Eagles in the Altamont wind farms. Scientists and wind energy operators are still figuring out ways to reduce the carnage being inflicted on the raptors.
    We think of the open ocean as empty, but there are millions of birds out there. Right now, pelagic birds from as far away as New Zealand are coming to the waters offshore northern California to feed. If the wind generators are designed, sited, and operated without regard for these birds, they will cause unknowable harm to bird populations about which we already know very little – except that they are declining.

    30 miles offshore is where you get into the really interesting birds of the open ocean. Just recently someone found and photographed a Short-tailed Albatross, a bird once thought to have gone extinct, off the coast of Sonoma County. We actually know very little about the movements of many species out there.

    So I hope the agencies do not “streamline” the process of evaluating potential impacts to the offshore environment too much. The language however suggests the intent to make this happen whether or not we understand the risks.

    • Tim, birds and far offshore Pacific floating wind energy would make a fascinating story all of its own, if we could get enough data. I actually had a section on birds (and more on ocean life) but the piece got way too long. I was intrigued but not convinced by claims that the gigantic turbines being developed for use here supposedly impact birds to lesser overall extent than greater numbers of the smaller ones being made now Are you going to attend the June 24 meeting referenced in the story or send in comments? The industry should be pushed NOW to study these little known pelagic bird populations and why they are declining as a condition of moving forward. I alos wonder if we know how far out shore birds go?

  2. Don’t try and blind us with your “science” and hypocrisy. Climate zealots who ride around with ‘No Drilling’ stickers are only too happy to spoil the marine environment for their green energy fever dreams. What happened to Save the Whales? These marine wind farms will become the rusting ghost fleet of the future.

    • How negative can you be? This is going on elsewhere with great success, and if we’re wise in Mendocino County, we should get on board. It’s about time this country takes on these proven approaches that can take the place of the fossil fuel industry. NREL is the most respected research authority in this country in this subject. Their endorsement of this initiative includes a host of environmental considerations. How about supporting this versus criticizing it, please. Energy solutions need to happen in the US.

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