3 thoughts on “Showing Up for Racial Justice announces 2 sessions on MCSO audit proposal; May 4 & 10 — BLM protest held last Wed. (updated 4/30)

  1. Excellent article on “Showing up for Racial Justice” and on audit of Sheriff’s Dept. – comprehensive and very important to our community

  2. I think the county has alot more important things to spend money on than a third party audit. These groups would be more successful if they ponied up some money to help cover the costs of this audit they are asking for. Personally I wouldn’t want either of these groups making decisions about our justice system. I get the sense that they would continue the practice of releasing criminals and start a program of ” de-funding the police”.

  3. Every citizen should be alarmed that Matthew Kendall,Shannon Barney, Caudillo,Noe, Verdot,Donahue,Scofield+others conspired to Tamper with and destroyed evidence in a citizens Case by the name of Michael Marlin, according 2 reports , none of which were reviewed by a supervisor or captain. The reports then go to the district attorney for prosecution. What this means is that district attorney Jill Ravitch knew none of the police reports were valid or legal and prosecuted the case anyway.

    Mendocino county sheriff-coroner case# c o r o 7 – 390

    Mendocino county Sheriff complaint#21-7 supposably. If you are FBI, state’s attorney or someone that may be able to help please look up this case.

    The complaint is for Matthew Kendall conspiring to tamper with and destroying exculpatory evidence in a death investigation and then covering it up by removing the Sheriff property receipt. Filed on 3 – 2 – 21 by Nic Marlin.

    Captain Van Patten is refusing to follow policy 612.3 and send the District attorney’s office a supplemental report with exculpatory evidence or information which is mandatory. (To the best of my knowledge what I am reporting is 100% factual, based off reports, law and MCSO policy and procedure)

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