One thought on “Mendo planning commission reviewing “Phase 3” cannabis cultivation & facilities ordinances, Mar. 19

  1. Dear Supervisors,

    I write in strong opposition to the letter dated March 16, 2021, from Julia Krog, Assistant Director of Planning and Building Services, about cannabis cultivation.

    That department has been responsible for much of the unnecessary work in recent years by cannabis cultivators to justify their reasonable grow. Any effort by the supervisors to grant discretion to that department in relation to cannabis cultivation will exacerbate existing problems and delay any reasonable regulations. That department is incompetent at evaluating agricultural needs. They are in no way competent to evaluate the “peace, morals, comfort or general welfare of persons residing or working in passing through the neighborhood of such proposed use,” or to evaluate “the general welfare of the county.”

    Such general welfare concerns she lists in her memo are in themselves reasonable, and I do not seek unlimited cultivation privileges. But after many years arguing with them about what is now my 10,000 square foot licensed cultivation site, I have no trust whatsoever that the Planning and Building Department can make reasonable decisions about the future without explicit guidance from the supervisors about what is allowed.

    I also disagree with the statement from county counsel that the county’s “phase 3” ordinance changes be delayed until further study is conducted. Starting over four years ago in my dealings with the predecessor county counsel (who was even more naive about cannabis cultivation than the current lawyer) I have no confidence whatsoever that your lawyer has any skills necessary to implement state and California voter demands that cannabis be legalized. My current licensed growers are working diligently with CDFA and to obtain CEQA clearance. We do not need any interference in this process by your attorney nor by the Planning and Building Department!

    You have now hired an expert to coordinate cannabis in Mendocino County. Please let her do so without discretionary meddling by unqualified bureaucrats.

    /Larry Rosen


    Lawrence Rosen
    3001 King Ranch Rd., Ukiah, CA 95482
    [email protected]
    LinkedIn: Lawrence Rosen

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