8 thoughts on “Add Brittany Adkins to list of missing; last seen in Ft. Bragg in ’19 (letter to the editor)

  1. This man forest from possibly petaluma? Had a gf named bree she and forest her boyfriend had a dog similair to the one in pics. Could this be love triangle gone wrong

    • Anything is possible and I appreciate any information that can help in the finding Brittany we are currently working on generating a reward for information and would appreciate if you forward anything you can think of to officer Welter and the Fort Bragg Police Department phone number 707 96128 0 0 extension 168

  2. They went missing super close together and were both living or last seen in the same two areas. I find this highly suspicious.

  3. They both were last seen or known to have been in or around willits when they went missing. They both seemed to have been living under some struggling and less than easy circumstances. It’s very possible they may have had at least a couple mutual acquaintances . They both seemed to have left behind their beloved pet dogs. They each made at least one post on Facebook prior to becoming missing persons that referenced having some undisclosed trouble, issues with feeling safe or not having a safe place to go to.

    I am positive there’s too many similarities between the two cases to not be somehow related honestly. I don’t care if the cops don’t think so. I don’t really understand why they have not been more open to the idea.

    Brittany Adkins did have a friend on Facebook who’s name is Forrest..his about me section states he lives in Booneville if I recall correctly. Under
    His profile pic the little quote said something about shredding riffs or something that might be related to music I’ve looked into the whole nickname for a guy who owned or worked for a car stereo installation place and the year it occurred, there was no longer one in town. I went back and checked into the names of all owners and employees of previous stereo shops in or around willits and no one who went by the name or nickname of forrest at all. I’ve lived in willits for almost twenty years.
    Theres two or three guys with the same name who live here I know all of them and none of them are the kind of people who would ever do anything bad to anyone. Solid good kind hearted all of them. None of them know jack sh+t about stereo installation.

    I also have a great deal of curiosity about the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Barbera Norton.
    I don’t think that the story about the red truck with Montana plates was a true story however I am familiar with Alan and Although I don’t know if he would have been the kind of guy to do something like that to a woman, my hunch is that he probably has it in him.
    He seems like a nice person but I know he gets weird and has a really hair trigger temper when he feels slighted. I’ve witnessed that kind of behavior from him on one occasion.
    I was on Reddit a while back on a thread under Mendocino county and some lady had made a post about a recent road trip they went on to an area just outside fort Bragg they were apparently taking a small hike to explore and stretch when out of the woods popped a man who scared them and was making weird sexual comments to them. To the point they began to run back to their vehicle. He followed right on their heels and without hesitation he stated that he could have murdered them both no prob. And that he has “GOTTEN RID OF A COUPLE of bitches just like the two of them” They said they thought dude was on drugs but that he wasn’t like totally disheveled or totally gross bum status.
    They in fact said he appeared to be nicely dressed and not a bad looking individual.
    They were clearly distressed by the encounter and said they’d never come back . They didn’t give a real clear description of said person but for some reason I keep seeing Alan in my mind when I think of it back again I don’t know why that is but it’s becoming a total situation in my head that really bothers me because I frequently come into contact with him at the store in town or the casino. He’s always trying to get people to buy TRI tips and meat that he has in the pack on his motorcycle for ” discount prices” to get more money to gamble. No idea where he gets it. I’m assuming he probably rips it off from the grocery store. I hope. I mean it’s not a great feeling to be in the position to have to secretly question a person’s integrity or human decency and then try to act like you aren’t suspicious about them when you in fact can’t stop thinking about the likelihood of it being the person who could be responsible for the disappearance of not one but possibly two or more women who all had similar lives and probably all knew him.. who might have needed a ride to willits where he goes from fort Bragg regularly
    He was living right about ten minutes north of town for a while when Barbie shealor disappeared just down the road from there is where Barbara Norton lived. She frequently hitch hiked or walked 101. That might be completely unrelated but then again… Maybe something to look into
    I surely hope that the daughter of Barbara shealor has been at least able to get information about Brittany Adkins from her dad Jesse or vise versa. I have a strong feeling that much unknown surprises to the actual amount of similarities or something might come to light if they have an opportunity to get a timeline going for each and bounce some names or places or rumors about each off one another. Cops ain’t doing shit.
    Fort Bragg basically was like “yeah we’re good off that . U take the Brittany case Ukiah sheriff’s even though it was not your case to work but we are pretty much lazy and over it. ”
    If the families want answers they’re unfortunately going to have to go get them by other means. It’s obvious the police have very little interest in helping.
    Idk I’m

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