3 thoughts on “Ukiah City Council seeks members for diversity committee, hears about new FEMA flood maps

  1. Middle class Caucasians need not apply, (especially if conservative or have other unapproved viewpoints). As the word “diversity” is generally used today it does not include diversity of thought. It does include selected race-based groups, tribes, and politically favored subgroups of the population, which taken together, is the new majority.

  2. The FEMA maps are a ripoff! We were FORCED to buy flood insurance over 5 years ago,to re-fi. The lender required it because of the re-drawn maps. It’s almost doubled in that time. You can request a LOMA,good luck getting FEMA to approve it!. Nice way to screw people.The insurance co’s are laughing! We are a good 20 ft above a small creek, in P V. no floods going back to 1970.Had to have an elevation certificate and the engineer told us then it was a scam. Our tax dollars at work.

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