4 thoughts on “How’s the Dungeness crab season playing out this year? Word on the dock is grim

  1. So the seasoned fisherman says this year will rival 1973. Yep, as things generally go in nature, there’s ups and downs, cycles over time. But this particular author has to work in “climate change” to the story, and others. I bet it took extra effort to make that weak leap, and I’m pretty sure it will continue to show up in every one of her future stories. Ho-hum. Glad I don’t pay to read about climate change tripe.

    • That’s hilarious….except I know a fuckton of marine biologists, ( I’m sure you have a similar education) and they say the ocean temp IS changing…hence our fucked up abalone/urchin issues, drop off in salmon production, etc.

      I believe the people with the science, not the people who “kinda got a gut feeling”

  2. Sea surface temperatures are changing and that would be relevant if the article concerned the melting of sea ice, however it’s not relevant to the topic of fishing for crab on the north coast of California. Again, kindly keep your political views out of the news reporting.

  3. What in nature doesn’t change? We’re in a La Niña year “where an ocean-atmosphere phenomenon is under way and it is characterized by unusually cold ocean temperatures in the equatorial Pacific,” so says the science. Scientists predict we will come out of it later this fall. Of course, none of this is man-made, it is….wait for it… normal.

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