2 thoughts on “Tourist drowns near town of Mendocino; father & 2 children drown off Sonoma Coast

  1. We visited Glass Beach this week and watched as people climbed on rocks to enjoy the view. I never feel comfortable that close so I decided to stay on the sand right by the path upwards. I was looking at shells when I heard a ranger blare his horn. I looked up and around and realized there was a huge wave coming in through a choke point where I was. I was able to run away in time, and probably would have only gotten soaked, but it goes to show that even when you think you’re in a safe spot you can’t guarantee that around the ocean. I’m so thankful for the person posted at Glass Beach last Tuesday around noon. They were not just paying attention to the folks on the rocks but saw that sneaky wave and warned me just in time. They saved me from a long, cold walk back to my hotel.

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