4 thoughts on “Cal Fire seeks to end 10 year legal battle over WWII era Jackson Forest road

  1. Good, informative article. In regards to trash, in fact the road is clean because last November, 2020, 12 volunteers from the Mendocino Trail Stewards teamed up with Erik Wahl of Cal Fire to remove over 15 cubic yards of trash from the road and the nearby Mendocino Cypress Woodlands.

    • The state is not reaching at all, but trying to protect its’ land and policies. It is White, Jones and O’Brian reaching for state land for…we could say personal gain.

  2. Good article by Frank Hartzell however he misused the word ‘pristine’ twice. I can’t say I found a pristine creek in that forest. Sure they are pretty and can run clean water today, but most all have had logs drug down or across them by oxen, steam donkeys, or dozers. The forest at the end of Mitchell Cr Dr is anything but pristine. It used to be an OHV proving ground and illegal trash dump area. It is probably still used for that but to a lesser amount since the gate was installed.

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