3 thoughts on “Lake Mendocino is low, but no water shortages are forecast, thanks to new tech

  1. Fascinating. Especially the details of the failures in 2013-2014 and the success this year with the new technology. This is an important nationwide story in times of climate change.

  2. Not one god dam word about the salmon and steelhead that have been decimated. Not one word of the water theft from the Eel river for 60yrs unregulated. This article was pure drivel. Redundant bullshite that said nothing. Try learning or living the fucked reality of water theft and fish kills created by greedy shitbqgs all around this valley

    • In addition, not one god dam word about how the Army Corps of Engineers went ballistic and defended their dated policies when they were questioned about their 2013-2014 failures that caused the severe water shortage in 2014

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