Calpella area residents protest Mendocino Forest Products pellet plant


15 thoughts on “Calpella area residents protest Mendocino Forest Products pellet plant

  1. But several UKIAH companies do sandblasting out in the open and by a creek that funnels into the Russian River ??? Anyone care about that ?

    • hopefully
      do you? seems like we can come together to make a list of these happenings and work to provide solutions. right?

  2. I have many many pictures of morning driving into ukiah valley from willits and there is a blanket of Light grey smoke. Not Steam! This is not steam being produced by this toxic plant.

    • Are you sure the smoke is toxic?
      just because you may think it is, doesnt make it so. the burden of proof is on you. you need to get air samples an present then to the county and the air resources board. The company in question isnt going to do it for you.

    • That would be wildfire smoke…. it is indeed full of pm2.5 but it is from a forest fire, not a small wood pellet plant.

  3. So is the main point that people want to know what is in the steam? If that is the concern, people figure it out!
    Lana, you want a real story? Explore why after being in Mendo for 20 years MFP isn’t considered part of the community. Why does the community target them and yet protect all the other polluters that are considered local businesses? Is it MFPs pathetic PR program? Or that people are still fighting Palco. This pellet issue is so interesting in that zero evidence has been offered to support the thesis of your articles yet you are stirring up public opinion against MFP. Can you offer us anything more than suspicions?
    MFP, why does your PR program suck so badly? You have evidence, certifications, but your messaging is terrible. After 20 years you shouldn’t be fighting these ridiculous battles. Hearts and minds should hsve been won.

  4. In that area there has always been complaints. If not air , then about noise , there has been manufacturing in that area since the the sixties. Population moves in they know that th Ed y are there. Then complain about one thing or another.

  5. Without any specifics given of the toxic chemicals released, one can only assume that this is pure conjecture and assumption. If you’re going to protest, have some facts to present, don’t sit there and try to blame it all on the coronavirus

  6. Go home delusional liberals. They’ve been vetted and found to be compliant in all of this state’s crazy emissions requirements. Now go get a new pack of Depend undergarments ya damn wacko boomers.

  7. Mendocino Forest Products:

    The silent majority of Mendocino County THANKS YOU for contributing to our economy and providing, good, solid jobs to many here.

    ILliberal “liberals”:

    Please shut up. You are, almost invariably, lunatics who are unable to grasp reality. We get that until our society is returned to the savagery of the distant past, you won’t stop seeking to destroy every vestige of a civilized society.

    • ….Civilized, you have to be kidding. Why do you want your neighbors to smell this shyt every phkn day, that’s sadist….I’m Liberal and phkn PROUD of it. Fascists can go phk themselves….

  8. So I live on Eastside calpella and ever since this thing went up a few years ago in the mornings more around spring beginning of winter there is a heavy heavy like roof tar smell / heavy chemical smell and it just so happens ever since this plant has started blowing Steam that smell has been around I don’t believe in coincidences so there you go

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