One thought on “Ukiah Unified distributes “farmers to families food box” as part of summer food distribution

  1. Wow 20 pounds EACH of pork and cheese, that’s a lot of cheese and pork. For a family of four, if they all ate cheese and pork every day (!) at about 1/4 lb per person (way more than they would need), that would be 20 days of pork and cheese, not sure the food will even keep that long. USDA unloading pork and dairy projects is not the best way to promote health. Nice thought, bad follow-through. Don’t want to put down charitable thoughts but eating that much cholesterol is not going to protect the recipients against the effects of Covid that’s for sure. Extra saturated fat = more obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease all pre-conditions. Time to get real about what people should be eating, especially at this perilous time.
    If you want to help people do it in a way that is helpful, not risky.

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