Supervisor Haschak: Letter to constituents, June 2020


6 thoughts on “Supervisor Haschak: Letter to constituents, June 2020

  1. Supervisor Haschak, can you tell me how it is that the Supervisors get to give themselves their own raises? What a job! You can give yourself a raise whether you deserve it or not!

  2. Obviously, it’s time to rescind all the “public health orders” and admit the con job.

    The officially-sanctioned “protests” (violent riots, even insurrection) are now described as “more important” than social distancing. In other words, the “anti-virus” demands by government were unnecessary, and fraudulent.

    • Hey yeah! Free pass into adulthood, all the while missing out on that critical learning! Good luck out there in this crumbling economy, hope you find a job….

  3. To J.C. Tokalenko: The families of over 100,000 dead, millions suffering extreme symptoms, the health-care workers facing impossible tasks – they do not feel this pandemic is a “con job”. And the injustice of police brutality (especially but not only against Black Americans) is equally real, though hopefully a small minority of police (but very often “officially sanctioned”). The vast majority of protests were peaceful and observed social distance and facial covering. Fighting the pandemic does not preclude fighting injustice – both are equally important.

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