Mendocino set to open theaters, gyms, bars, hotels, campgrounds, and more, with restrictions; county moves into “stage 3” Friday


11 thoughts on “Mendocino set to open theaters, gyms, bars, hotels, campgrounds, and more, with restrictions; county moves into “stage 3” Friday

  1. That’s great, welcome progress at least. But what stage are protestors, rioters, and looters in? What message does this send? Any spikes in virus numbers will likely be blamed on trump for opening essential businesses!

  2. I shall continue to go where I please and without a face covering. No overpaid sham of a “health” officer, who ignores the science, will tell me otherwise. I’m waiting for the Board of Supervisors to explain what value this woman adds to our community that warrants a huge boost in her pay, especially when so many have lost so much during this ongoing scamdemic.

  3. Marilynn B, I concur. 100%

    I saw nothing about masks, yet I was harrassed today by a store owner for my medically excused reason for not wearing one.

  4. Just another long list of bull crap set out by the governor and our heath officer. Why are there capacity restriction at camp ground and movie theaters but none on gyms. How does that make any sense. It’s the flu people and all of this has been political and money grubbing ,fear mongering. I can go eat at a restaurant without a mask but I still have to wear a mask in my own business. This whole this is stupid. Talk about I can’t breath. How about the government and the county health officer get off my neck. The powers that be suck.

  5. I love these comments because they speak for many people. Thank you, Marilynn B. and Walter P. Spot on.
    You can’t make these people jump through all these hoops and have nationwide chaos going on as well! It’s just wrong from Wrongville!
    I saw a newspaper headline, “CASES RISING, IT KEEPS GOING!” or similar and yet it doesn’t say we are testing more so yea, there will be more cases, duh.

  6. There is a current discussion on the Mendocino Chamber of Commerce Facebook page that, supposedly, Dr. Doohan said tourism/tourists are not allowed, that the travel restrictions in Mendocino county are still in effect, 50 miles straight line. People are asking why open hotels and b&bs if no tourists are allowed. Site administrator is awaiting clarification from Dr. Doohan.

  7. Dr. Pam Popper is one of the many who are speaking the truth, but are never heard on mainstream “news.” Here is a sample of what she has to say:

  8. Wow. People are harsh. Every graph is going up not down, hospitalizations are up in SoCal, every medical professional says to take this disease seriously. Dr. Doohan is doing the best she can. Everyone is stressed. A little kindness would go a long way now.

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